Office Job During Gap Year

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Oct 27, 2012
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Reason #123 to become a physician (or not get an office job).

So in the midst of interviewing I also got an office job. Thankfully, I consider interviews nice vacations away from work at this point. There are some things I like about it and some I don't. I just had to get these things off my chest.

1.) The cubicle. I remember how excited I was to see my name plaque with a freshly cleaned cubicle compliments of HR….my that seems so long ago. I see everyone decorating their little prison to make it more "like home"....mother's day cards, pictures of kids….with Halloween coming up some have taken to decorating their cells as they would their homes, cobwebs and pumpkins, the whole works...NOT ME. I consider it a temporary asylum which I'm forced to sit down in half the day. The day I leave I won't have much cleaning up to do.

2.) My cubicle…. PART II. My death cell is situated such that my boss can pop in unannounced and I'd have no warning. What does this mean? No Facebook, no texting, no checking my email. I guess this was pre-planned but what does my boss expect from me… 8 hours a day?!! I fight back by staring at my computer screen for up to 10 minutes at a time. Bathroom breaks that turn into 15- 20 minute iPhone sessions on the stairwell are also a bonus.

3.) People are always complaining. Granted I do the same thing but I'm polite about keeping it in my head. Now it doesn't help that I work with only women but literally 80% every time I overhear a conversation it's a whole lot of bsing about someone else. If you dare sign the sheets wrong or something like that, count on hearing about it….and not from the person "wronged".

4.) "How are you doing Betsy?!" "Ohhhhh, it's Monday." I swear if I have to hear the one more time I'm going to throw myself out the window.

5.) NO HOT GIRLS. Jesus did I take college for granted. I always look forward to the drive from work that takes me through campus and reminds me they exist.

6.) Even when I decide to join the ol' girls for a chat during lunch, the conversation is always about work. Always. No shooting the fling like I did with my buddies in lab.

OK I can't think of anymore at this point. Feel free to add your own if you want.

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