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Official 2017 Match Results!!!

Discussion in 'Internal Medicine and IM Subspecialties' started by BobLoblaw44, Mar 17, 2017.

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  1. BobLoblaw44


    Mar 17, 2017
    Ok I guess I will get this started, I copied the same format as last year's.

    Step Scores:
    Interview Invites:

    Matched (+ # on ROL):

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  3. gutonc

    gutonc No Meat, No Treat SDN Administrator 10+ Year Member

    And your answers to the above are?...
  4. BobLoblaw44


    Mar 17, 2017
    School: UT Health San Antonio
    Step Scores: 256 Step 1, 263 Step 2
    Grades: 3.96 GPA
    Research: Bench research on aging between M1 and M2. Presented an oral session at the national AGS conference.
    AOA: No (was invited to apply twice, but no luck)
    Rank: Top quartile
    Interview Invites: UW, OHSU, Utah, UTSW, UTHSA, Vanderbilt, Carolinas, UNC, Duke, Emory, UVA, MUSC, Rutgers Newark, Wake Forest, VCU
    Rejections: BWH, MGH, BIDMC (WL then denied), Colorado, Yale (WL then denied), Penn (same), silent rejections from Georgetown, George Washington,
    BU, UConn
    Matched (+ # on ROL): #1 UVA!!

    : A lot of randomness to this and it's hard to know what programs are looking for so don't take things personally. Keep an open mind because UVA wasn't really on my radar but I absolutely loved it when I interviewed there and ranked it number 1.
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  5. Wordmule


    Jan 21, 2017
    School: DO school
    Step Scores: 253/251. Passed PE on first attempt.
    Grades: HP in Medicine, ObGyn, Family. P in Surgery, Psych, Peds.
    Research: None
    AOA: No AOA or SSP
    Rank: About 70th percentile based on preclinical grades.
    Interview Invites: 23 total. Mixed academic and community centers. I noticed the farther away programs were, the less likely they were to send invites.
    Rejections: 47

    Matched (+ # on ROL): U Arizona Tucson IM, #1 on my rank list.

    : The anti-DO bias is real, but not as bad as some of the more negative opinions I've seen around here. Some programs commented that a couple of my letters were particularly strong. Otherwise fairly normal applicant.
  6. Matteo

    Matteo THAT guy 5+ Year Member

    Dec 31, 2010
    School: top 20
    Step Scores: ~260 Step 1, ~255 Step 2 CK (Step 2 CK sent in Jan)
    Grades: All H with exception of HP in OB/GYN
    Research: Very strong basic science research (fellowships, presentations, etc.)
    AOA: No (was confused by this to say the least)
    Rank: Top quartile
    Interview Invites: JHH, Penn, MGH, BWH, Cornell, Yale, BIDMC, Duke, Stanford, WashU, etc
    Rejections: UCSF, UW, UMich, Columbia, UCLA
    Matched (+ # on ROL): #1 - MGH/BWH for some anonymity

    -Lots of randomness in the interview invitation process!
    -Be yourself on interviews, even though sometimes it's hard. We all have the nervous energy, but the more comfortable you feel, the better you'll perform on the interview
    -IM interviews are conversations, enjoy them - I had very few 'hard-ball' questions
    -It should go without saying that you should be kind and respectful to everyone (from your fellow interviewees to program coordinators, etc.)
    -Be yourself. it's worth stating that in two separate bullet points simply because I think it's that important.
    -Post interview communication, it still happens (although apparently less so than before) - try not to let it sway your opinion too much.
    -This whole process is stressful, from completing ERAS, to waiting for invites, interviewing, post-interview communication. Don't let it consume your life, take time to do things you enjoy and be a normal human being too.
    -You'll meet amazing people who will become friends along the trail, embrace the opportunity!
    -As much as I thrive on external validation, I know that the program does not define you or your potential success. Going to a Top X program wont make you an amazing clinician, nor will going to a lower tier program preclude you. Kick a$$ during residency.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2017
  7. AK4K7

    AK4K7 2+ Year Member

    Sep 16, 2012
    1. Take Step 2 CK before applying and do well on it, regardless of Step 1. Especially if you are not AOA or from a top school. Many people applying to the top programs will have high Step 1 and Step 2 scores on file. I was advised that programs wouldn't care about my Step 2 score because of Step 1, so I took it late in the year without much studying. Obviously they do care, and Step 2 is also considered when ranking applicants.
    2. APPLY BROADLY. Advisor told me to apply to 15 programs, and I applied to 30. I should have applied to many more programs. There is no reason not to if you are not geographically restricted.

    Congratulations to everyone! There are some very impressive students out there. To those who are disappointed with their results, take into perspective how fortunate you are just to match and be in a position to be a physician. To those who didn't match - f*** man, I'm sorry.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2017
  8. Warren Peace

    Warren Peace 5+ Year Member

    Mar 3, 2011
    Couples match - IM and a primary care specialty
    School: Mid tier in mid west
    Step Scores: 230/250
    Grades: Ps in preclinical. Mix in clinicals. Pass in IM clerkship, honors in Sub-I and ICU
    Research: Summer research with national conference poster
    AOA: No
    Rank: No ranking
    Interview Invites: Hennepin, Indiana, JH-Bayview, Mayo-Rochester, MCW, U of Arizona-Phoenix, UC-Davis, UColorado, UIowa, UMinnesota, Mizzou, UNebraska, UWisconsin, Wake Forest, Scripps Green, Scripps Mercy, Spokane
    Rejections: Case Western, Creighton, Duke, JHH, Mayo-Arizona, , UC-Irvine, UCSD, UNC, UWashington, UPMC

    Matched (+ # on ROL): #1 - Mayo Clinic - Rochester!!!

    General Advice
    - If you didn't get the score you want, take Step 2 CK early (and while you're at it take CS too just to get it out of the way). While I don't think it helps you get an interview on the initial screen, I felt a good CK score helped when my application as being reconsidered for an interview and during the ranking process.
    - I was not a great applicant stat wise. However, I spent a lot of time crafting together my application. I received many compliments on my personal statement and a few on my activities. Again, I don't think it helped me get an interview but helped my stock in the interview and the ranking process.
    - Letters of recommendation are important! You want to pick someone who will say that you are one of the best or the best medical student they have worked with.
    - I didn't honor my clerkship but I did well in my Sub-I and ICU rotation. I think this hurt me on the initial interview screen but kind of made up for it once I passed that step.
    - Enjoy the interview travels. There are a lot of cool people out there!
    - In addition, be aware you are being evaluated all the time. I heard stories of an applicant not being ranked because they were heard yelling at the airlines over the phone while in the waiting room, or not showing up for the interview because they were too drunk from the interview dinner. I had a few programs tell me specifically that the they use the interview dinner to see who can get along with the residents and other students and that they haven't ranked some great applicants because of the dinner experience.

    Couples Match advice
    I read that people had good luck with emailing programs where one applicant had an interview to get one for the other. That didn't really work for us. We tried it a few times and only got an additional 1-2 interviews.
    - We were able to schedule most of our interviews around the same time as one another because they heard back for interviews really earlier and I was able to plan mine around theirs.
    - When it came time to rank, we felt similar about most programs but had a few discrepancies. The best advice we received was to make a rank list individually and then come together and negotiate the final list as a couple. The danger of making the list together to start is that the other person's feelings about a program can actually influence how you felt about your own experience!
    - Apply to more programs rather than less! It's a lot easier to cancel interviews that to hope you had enough to match. Our rule of thumb was 1.5-2x as many programs as we would have applied to individually.
    - Between me (IM-primary care), and the two other couples in my class (OB-Surgery, OB-Ortho), we all matched into our top 5 and we all thought we would drop far, far down our rank list. I don't think the couples match is easy, but it is doable!
    -I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting to write. Send me a PM and I'll be happy to answer any questions!
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2017
  9. Medran01


    Feb 13, 2017
    School: Not Top 50
    Step Scores: Mid 240's Step 1, Mid 250's Step 2
    Grades: H in Surg, Peds, FM, OBGYN; not in IM
    Research: No pubs, 1 pres/1 poster
    AOA: No
    Rank: Top quartile
    Interview Invites: UMich, Mayo, UWisc, BCM, tOSU, Cedars Sinai, Iowa, Nebraska, Jefferson, Utah, Brown, BU (attended); cancelled at others. Applied to 35.
    Rejections: Many "upper mid tier". UNC, UVA, NW, UChicago, OHSU, etc.

    Matched (+ # on ROL): #2 UWisc!!

    : Go with the best fit, regardless of preconceived notions. Get AOA. Don't know how much not having the H in IM was a factor but had I studied more for the shelf this would have easily been a nonfactor.
  10. ElixirofLife

    ElixirofLife 2+ Year Member

    Nov 10, 2013
    School: Top 25
    Step Scores: Step 1 and CK >265 (CK released with ERAS submission)
    Grades: All A's/Honors preclinical/clinical
    Research:>5 peer reviewed publications (mostly from before medical school)
    AOA: Yes +GHHS
    Rank: Top grouping per MSPE/top quartile
    Interview Invites: (20 total) Hopkins, UCSF, MGH, Columbia, Penn, Stanford, University of Washington, Duke, Northwestern, UChicago, UTSW, WashU, Vanderbilt, Michigan, Mayo, others
    Rejections: (1 total) BWH

    Matched (+ # on ROL): Penn!!! #1

    - Many may disagree, but I highly would recommend taking Step 2 CK early regardless of your Step 1 score for several reasons - 1) at the end of 3rd year you're still relatively fresh on shelf exam material and it should be an easier review rather than later in the year 2) with the increasing competitiveness of IM, many programs want CK/CS prior to ranking so try to maximize your chances by doing your best 3) get it out of the way to maximally enjoy 4th year!
    - Don't blow off CS. It's easy to assume you'll pass CS but nothing is more unfortunate than a CS failure, which can catastrophically affect your application.
    - Think really long and hard about who you opt to get letters from. Contrary to what people may think, I felt the majority of my interviewers had read my LOR's prior to the interview and had commented on them in one way or the other. Ask faculty that will write strong letters for you rather than cherry picking faculty with "clout" who write lukewarm letters
    - Same goes with your PS. Think about your PS carefully and put some work into it! You guys all have passion for medicine so paint it with your PS. I felt the majority of my interviewers had read and remarked about my PS on my interviews as well. It definitely matters!
    - Academic IM at top programs are very competitive so expect some randomness in the process.
    - When it came down to ranking, I let my gut feeling carry my list. I had warm and fuzzy feelings from certain places I felt I was meant to belong and combined that with location preferences for family, I was happy and never had any regrets with how I ranked my programs
    - Go into interviews with an open mind - don't let stuff you read online or hearsay affect your initial impressions of a program. Go see and judge for yourself!
    - There are a ton of great IM programs out there. I felt I could thrive at almost all the programs I visited and at the end of the day it was basically splitting hairs. You can't go wrong when it comes to IM.
    - Applications to IM (not including travel costs) are pretty inexpensive so apply broadly and consult your school advisor or these forums. Don't limit yourself from getting invites broadly in the beginning. You can always cancel or switch around dates if needed.
    - Don't let love letters or rank to match communication affect your rank list! It's very tempted to let this factor into your list but I stayed firm with my choices despite hearing things from several PD's
    - Interview fatigue is very real and the process and constant traveling can be stressful. Never let it affect your attitude and be kind to your fellow applicants (they're going to be your colleagues) as well as coordinators and faculty
    - Obviously know your application well but don't expect IM interviews to be intimidating. Many of them were very pleasant and conversational. Ask lots of questions about the program - the most common question I had was "What questions do you have for me?"
    - Regardless of how tired you may be, attend pre-interview dinners - these were some of the most valuable experiences on the trail.
    - Get a Southwest airlines CC and look for deals/promos on uber/lyft
    - Be kind, be yourself, and have fun!!!
  11. clk88

    clk88 2+ Year Member

    Sep 28, 2013
    School: large state school, top 30?
    Step Scores: 240/260
    Grades: Honored most of my M3 rotations, except for High Pass in surgery. Did pretty mediocre in M2.
    Research: Lots
    AOA: No but AOA eligible
    Rank: Top 25%
    Interview Invites: Penn, UCSF, UWashington, Duke, BIDMC, WashU, UCLA, Columbia, Cornell, Northwestern, UChicago, Yale, Michigan, Mayo, Vanderbilt, BU, Tufts, Rochester, OHSU, Colorado, NYU
    Rejections: BWH, MGH, Hopkins, Stanford

    Matched (+ # on ROL): Penn (switched between #1 and 2 many times over and it ultimately became #2, this morning before match I told everyone I wish I put it #1 so it all worked out!)

    : I would say to really work on your personal statement. I'm not the best test taker but I had a good personal statement and it was mentioned in almost every interview.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2017
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  12. pyrenees


    Nov 6, 2016
    School: top 50 school (mid/low tier)
    Step Scores: 251/275, CS pass
    Grades: all Honors
    Research: 1 paper, 2 abstracts, 2 poster
    AOA: senior
    Rank: top quartile
    Interview Invites: BWH, Penn, Hopkins, Stanford, UCLA, UChicago, NW, Columbia, NYU, BID
    Rejections: MGH, UCSF, Cornell

    Matched (+ # on ROL): Penn #3 (really 1-3 were all equal, i switched them 100 times. i would have been so happy with any!)

    1. i thought having a well rounded application was necessary for top IM programs (especially if coming from a lesser known school). i.e., high step scores, research, honors. some of my colleagues were lacking 1 of these and they received less interviews
    2. as long as you are semi-normal, i don't think the interview has much bearing on your rank. just be yourself and use the time for asking questions you have about the program1
    3. PLAN THINGS TO DO THE WEEK LEADING UP TO MATCH - this week was so stressful, my gosh
    4. missed a bunch of pre-interview dinners (including where I matched), don't think it matters
    5. i did absolutely no post interview contact
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  13. Crayola227

    Crayola227 Do What You Want To My Body 2+ Year Member

    Oct 22, 2013
    Top of the Charts
    1) by listing school and where you matched in what specialty, depending on what your school does with publishing match results... I don't say this to give anyone ideas, it's sort of the obvious

    2) this thread reads like an excuse to humble brag. Anyone posting here with Steps >250 is not really giving the typical future student any help. Well, maybe SDN is just full of these sorts of students. Unless, that's not the point, to help other students. Maybe the point of this is to celebrate/humblebrag. Then again, why do that online in the open? Why not by PMs? There's something called real friends and family.

    3) If this thread was just humble bragging I'd thought I'd come rain on the parade. Otherwise, I'm sorry for bringing salt to your party.

    4) The advice section you have written is useful.
  14. BuffyCoat


    Oct 15, 2016
    School: UK (University of Birmingham) IMG
    Step Scores: 212 Step 1 (I was writing my thesis instead of studying oops!), 250 Step 2 CK, 240 Step 3
    Grades: Foreign lol
    Research: PhD from University of London and Harvard. Pubs, presentations etc.
    AOA: Not applicable
    Rank: Top quartile
    Interview Invites:UChicago Yale, BIDMC, MountAuburn, StLukesRoosevelt, Jacobi Medical Center
    Rejections: Too many to count
    Matched (+ # on ROL): #1 - UChicago physician scientist track- ecstatic

    -Mainly for IMGs:
    Don't worry if your step 1 is crappy and you don't have any clinical US experience. If you have a research background and network like crazy it might be ok, it was for me! :)

    This forum was so helpful- thanks everyone who contributes!
  15. dfib slim

    dfib slim 5+ Year Member

    Aug 20, 2012
    School: DO school in the south
    Step Scores: 261/264, 751/777, PE pass first try.
    Grades: We get graded during clinicals. All As though.
    Research: 2 poster presentations and textbook chapter in the works during interview season.
    AOA: Nope
    Rank: 4th
    LORs: IM Chair, community hospitalist, general surgeon, and cardiologist.
    Interview Invites: Applied to 52 programs in total and invites from 15: UAz Tucson, SCVMC, Harbor-UCLA, UCSF-Fresno (declined), UC Irvine, UColorado, Georgetown, UF-Gainesville, Indiana U, UMass (declined), UNM, Legacy Emanuel, Providence Portland, ETSU (declined), Baylor-Houston. Waitlisted at Loyola. Went on and ranked 12.
    Rejections: Rejected from UC Davis, CPMC, Cedars-Sinai, Stanford, UCSD, Yale, WashU, Dartmouth, UNC, Cleveland Clinic, OSU, OHSU, Jefferson, Vandy, Utah, VCU, UWash, Virginia Mason, MCW, UWisconsin.
    Never heard from Kaiser Santa Clara, UCLA-Olive View, Loma Linda, USC, George Washington, Emory, Iowa, Minnesota, Mayo, Duke, Wake, Case, UPMC, Brown, MUSC, UTSW.

    Matched (+ # on ROL): UC Irvine #1

    For DOs, try to rotate through at least one program for the experience and maybe to get a LOR, however, I didn't rotate through any of the programs I interviewed at.
    Take BOTH Step 1 and CK since some programs require both. Was surprised I was ghosted from a lot of supposedly DO friendly programs. I did have a 15 year old misdemeanor conviction red flag on my app that might have played a part as confirmed by one program that said I was auto-screened out. I got at least 5 of these interviews after sending emails out in late November including getting added and pulled off a waitlist. Feel free to PM me with any questions, especially DOs looking for specific advice.
  16. sliceofbread136

    sliceofbread136 5+ Year Member

    Nov 5, 2011
    Salt salt salt
  17. kjamess

    kjamess 7+ Year Member

    May 23, 2010
    do you even lift
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  18. checkmed

    checkmed 7+ Year Member

    Feb 20, 2009
    Any one with lower end of the scores, please share.
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  19. gutonc

    gutonc No Meat, No Treat SDN Administrator 10+ Year Member

    Of all the threads to come take a dump in, why did you choose this one?

    If there's any place we should encourage bragging, it's the Match results thread.

    Come one come all.

    Matched your #1 at a Top 10 program? We want to hear about it.
    Matched the last spot on your list at a community program you don't actually remember interviewing at? We want to hear about that too.

    Post Moar Match Results!
  20. OslerClub


    Feb 22, 2017
    Hey everyone who has posted thus far, I appreciate it. This helps put a framework on expectations for those of us a year behind.
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  21. obiwan

    obiwan Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Mar 26, 2006
    Oh c'mon you can tell us, you're among friends
  22. rokshana

    rokshana Member 10+ Year Member

    Sep 19, 2004
    wow debbie downer...does it really bother you that much that people matched and good programs?

    congrats to all that matched...please continue to post here...the rest of want to hear where you are going...
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  23. banjo10

    banjo10 2+ Year Member

    Mar 29, 2013
    Attn @Casa Loma. It's time to reveal where your domineering father chose for you to go to residency.
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  24. Swainmd


    Dec 20, 2016
    Posting on an anonymous account

    : Mid tier midwest
    Step Scores: 244/246
    Grades: Preclinical: some honors. Clinical: Honors in IM, surgery, peds, subi, medicine electives. HP in the rest
    Research: 4 first author publications, but mostly case report / case series level stuff
    AOA: No
    Rank: Unsure
    Interview Invites: Applied to 18. II: U of MN, Iowa, Wisconsin, MCW, Mayo, UIC, Utah, Indiana, a few community places
    Rejections: OHSU, UW, Northwestern, UChicago, UMichigan

    Matched (+ # on ROL): Mayo Rochester, #1!!!

    : I agree with the standard advice of applying broadly. Medicine does seem to be getting more competitive, but still very reasonable. Your gut feeling on interview day is the most important thing--many programs you didn't like on paper will end up getting ranked higher or places you thought you'd love get ranked lower. I was told CK didn't matter if you were happy with your step 1, but feel like I may have gotten another interview or two if I had done CK a little earlier. Programs want you to have something cool about you (research, unique hobby, whatever)--find the thing that makes you unique and sell it.
  25. saveourpens

    saveourpens 7+ Year Member

    May 12, 2008
  26. Pocket3:16


    Jan 9, 2017
    School: Lower Tier
    Step Scores: Step 1 High 230 Step 2 Mid 240
    Grades: Clinical High Pass OB and FM. Honors the rest
    Research: One poster
    AOA: Yes
    Rank: Top Quartile
    Interview Invites: UCSF, Vanderbilt, UNC, JHH, Hopkins Bayview, Baylor, UTSW, UAB, Mayo( Rochester), Emory, WF
    Rejections: Duke

    Matched (+ # on ROL): # 2 UTSW

    : My gut told me to go to UTSW so I guess everything works out. I think I painted a unique picture of who I was with my PS, letters, and volunteer activities. That's prob why I got the interviews I did. Good luck to everyone
  27. CatFactorial

    CatFactorial 5+ Year Member

    Apr 21, 2011
    This is a couple years back but for the sake of different kind of numbers and for the opportunity to dump in threads (and how!)

    School: Lower Tier MD
    Step Scores: Step 1 220s Step 2 Mid 240
    Grades: high passes, no honors
    Research: Several basic science onc papers in high impact factor journals (this is probably what overcame an otherwise lackluster app)
    AOA: lolz nope
    Rank: dunno, probably bottom half
    Interview Invites: UAB, WashU, USC, Irvine, Tulane, Einstein, North Shore LIJ, Lenox Hill
    Rejections: Lolz lots

    Matched at UAB, been very happy there.
  28. fcuser1

    fcuser1 2+ Year Member

    Oct 31, 2014
    School: Top 10
    Step Scores: Step 1: mid 240s, Step 2: high 260s
    Grades: HP everything, H surgery
    Research: 5 basic science publications (3 in med school, 1 first author)
    AOA: Nope
    Rank: Top 2/3?
    Interview Invites: Only midwest
    Rejections: lmao

    Matched (+ # on ROL): #1 Michigan

    : Step studying, research. Rec letters early. Interesting activities.
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  29. lebronisgod23


    Oct 24, 2016
    School: Top 50 Midwest
    Step Scores: Step 1 249, Step 2 262
    Grades: Honors in all but Neuro
    Research: None
    AOA: Yes
    Rank: Top 30
    Interview Invites: UTSW, Yale, U Chicago, Northwestern, Wash U, OHSU, U Wisc, Case Western, Brown, UNC, Duke, Emory, Colorado
    Rejections: JHH, UCSF, MGH, BWH, U Washington, Stanford, Penn (silent)

    Matched (+ # on ROL): Duke! #1

    : Don't be shy on emailing programs. I think a lot of programs that are far away from your home institution just assume that you won't come anyway so why interview them. I did with some top programs and got some interviews that way. Overall, the whole process is pretty great so try and enjoy it!
  30. Shark7500

    Shark7500 Clairvoyant 5+ Year Member

    Jul 12, 2011
    Thanks everyone who has posted their results so far. We really appreciate it! And keep them coming!!

    If anyone is concerned about anonymity, I know that in the past @gutonc has fielded PMs and posted them with de-identified info. Are you offering the same service this year?
  31. adfbaf124


    Mar 18, 2017
    Alright I've been lurking on this forum all season and promised myself I'd finally contribute for posterity's sake

    : Top 40 Northeast
    Step Scores: Step 1 249, Step 2 263
    Grades: Honors in IM/OB
    Research: two publications in submission (one 1st auth, one 3rd), a few 1st auth posters/presentations
    AOA: no
    Rank: our school does not rank (second or third quintile?)
    Interview Invites: BMC, Brown, BWH, Cornell, Emory, JHH, Hopkins Bayview, LA-Harbor, Montefiore PC, NYU, Sinai, Tufts, UCLA PC, UPenn, UW, Yale PC
    Rejections: BIDMC, Columbia, Duke, GW, MGH, Stanford, UCSF, UNC, Yale Cat

    Matched (+ # on ROL): #4 and incredibly happy! (I loved my 2-5 pretty equally and struggled to order them)

    • I applied with a strong focus on becoming a leader in GIM and underserved communities work, and was blown away by the amazing people and inspiring work at programs across the country! There were huge, unique upsides that I would've been excited for at just about every program I ranked. I am also so proud of all the PC applicants I met on the trail; they come from incredible backgrounds, second-to-none, and leave me optimistic for the future of our (embattled) field. Wish I had snapped out of my interview-day anxiety to befriend more people...
    • For people who intend to follow a similar career path, I'd take some of the conventional SDN wisdom with a grain of salt-- I received way more interviews than I expected with modest numbers (by this forum's standards), and a lack of AOA/GHHS and school name. Don't get caught up in the scramble for clinical research if you aren't passionate, or IM electives just to look good. As soon as I finished my sub-I/Step 2, I spent MS4 exploring pop health with independent projects and experiences in resource-limited settings. I don't think programs which value pubs and posters over this kind of development would be a good fit anyway.
    • I believe my strength was having a clear narrative about my passions and career aims, which was reflected in all my research and ECs. The biggest theme in interviews was about relating my experiences to my goals (only once or twice did I get a cliche question about "strengths/weaknesses", "memorable patient", "a time you worked as a team", etc). IM interviews are so stress free--maybe 30% of the time the whole interview would be me asking questions to them.
    • Definitely email/work your faculty connections to land interviews- it works! I went 2/4 for PDs I subsequently contacted.
    • Enjoy the process!
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
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  32. hizziaips

    hizziaips 5+ Year Member

    Jul 11, 2012
    School: Top 25 state school
    Step Scores: 258/271/Pass
    Grades: Mostly honors; HP in peds and ob/gyn
    Research: Two research projects (one still in progress), 1 pub
    AOA: Yes
    Rank: Top 1/4
    Interview Invites: WashU, Vanderbilt, Michigan, U Chicago, Mayo, UPMC, UTSW, Colorado, OHSU, UCSD, UAB, UNC, Wisconsin, Baylor, Utah, UVA, UC Davis, Cedar-Sinai
    Rejections: UW, UCSF, Stanford, UCLA, Northwestern

    Matched (+ # on ROL): Michigan (#1)

    : Agree with what others have said: From the applicant's perspective, there seems to be an element of randomness insofar as who gets interviews. Keep in mind that different programs are looking for different types of people, however. Don't take anything personally, and put your best foot forward at all stages of the process.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2017
  33. MeatTornado

    MeatTornado On Sabbatical 7+ Year Member

    Dec 1, 2008
    I'd be happy to help out with posting anonymous match results if you want to PM them to me.

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  34. nlax30

    nlax30 Fellow 10+ Year Member

    Oct 4, 2006
    I agree in that it's nice to see all the various matches and regardless, this is something I feel people should be able to brag about a bit. You've worked hard to get to this point and this is a huge step in your career. Congrats to all of ya'll! Looking forward to seeing some more matches.
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  35. Sartorial


    Feb 7, 2017
    School: Top 50
    Step Scores: Step 1 250s, Step 2 250s
    Grades: Mostly HP, H in IM
    Research: 3-4 accepted poster presentations, 1 first author manuscript in submission
    AOA: No
    Rank: Dunno
    Interview Invites: Mt. Sinai, NYU, Cornell, Yale, BMC, OHSU, Brown, Emory, Colorado, BIDMC, Tufts, GW, Cedars Sinai, Monte, USC, Mayo, UMD, UC Davis
    Rejections: UCLA, UCSD, MGH, BWH, JHH, Michigan, Pitt, Penn, UW, Columbia, Stanford, UCSF, Duke

    Matched (+ # on ROL): #2 (and ecstatic!!)

    -From my experience, seems like AOA and/or accepted pubs are necessary to break into those top 10-ish programs.
    -My ROL was highly personal and my final order didn't reflect doximity or SDN’s rankings. A wide variety of personal reasons shaped my list, including my partner’s preferences, my gut feeling, specific career related factors, the program’s mission, and others.
    -Reach out to programs and tell them, with reasons, if you really want to interview there. I know plenty of people who had success getting some interviews this way. That said, I got a last second interview after emailing the program I eventually ranked #1, so it may not always bode well for your chances of matching there. I figure each program handles this differently.
    -SDN self-selects the med student equivalent of first world problems. Take it with a grain of salt, but it can definitely be useful too. We should all be humbled and grateful to be where we are :)

    Edit: Removed my match to maintain anonymity. If you really want to know specifics, you can PM me.
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  36. gutonc

    gutonc No Meat, No Treat SDN Administrator 10+ Year Member

    Happy to do so. Even though I think the anonymity thing is ridiculous.
  37. 70218731


    Oct 2, 2016
    School: top 30?/south
    Step Scores: 250s/260s/pass
    Grades: all H, 1 HP, 1P (both surgical rotations)
    Research: 3 posters, one submitted manuscript (1st author) by ERAS deadline
    AOA: nope
    Rank: no ranking
    Interview Invites: OHSU, UCLA, UCSD, Colorado, northwestern, Michigan, Wisconsin, UTSW, Baylor, Tulane, Vanderbilt, uab, Pittsburgh, NYU, Cornell, Albert Einstein, Yale, BMC, tufts
    Rejections: JHH, MGH, BWH, UCSF, Stanford, UW, U Chicago, BIDMC, Penn

    Matched (+ # on ROL): #1 - UCLA!!!

    - in comparing myself to posts here, I expected to get interviews at a couple of the places I was rejected -- I think AOA (and/or a bit of luck!) would've made the difference for me in getting more "top 10" interviews. That being said, I loved so many of the places I interviewed and had an excess of good options despite being rejected at some places I was excited about befote interview season.
    - sent emails to three places I hadn't heard from explaining why their program aligned with my career goals and would otherwise be a good fit for me. No success. I'm not sure if it was timing (all places sent out decisions later that week so maybe they'd made up their mind) or what. I don't think there is any harm in sending one if you're really interested - don't let yourself wonder 'what if'!
    - didn't send/receive any post interview communication
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  38. School: Top 50 med school
    Step Scores: High 240s step 1, 270+ step 2, pass
    Grades: Edited: Half pass (including IM), Half honors (no high pass at my program) during MS3. Honors in acting internship during MS4.
    Research: Currently working on a paper; but this happened after application and interviews.
    AOA: Nope
    Rank: 1st quartile
    Interview Invites: Iowa, UIC, OHSU, Baylor, NYU, Vandy, Michigan, UAB, WashU, Northwestern, Emory, UCSD, Mayo, Cedar, UTSW, Yale, UC Irvine, Tulane
    Rejections: Wisconsin, Rush, Brigham, Duke, Columbia, Cornell, UCLA, UWash, BID, George Washington, URochester, USC, UChicago, Stanford

    Matched (+ # on ROL): #1 Michigan!!!!!

    1. Getting great letters from my acting internship (AI) is super important. Except for my step scores, my IM application is average on a good day. However, I took my AI during my first month and I knocked it out of the park. A lot of interviewers during the trail commented on how great the 2 letters I got during my AI were. So I believe it really helped me get my foot in the door.

    2. Get honors in IM. One of my friend had similar application to mine (high step, no research, not AOA but 1st quartile) except he honored in IM, and he got more higher tier interviews (Duke, Cornell, UChicago, UCLA, BID). And I was asked by an interviewer if I had a reason for the pass in IM during 3rd year; if one person asked, others probably at least thought about it or took note of it.

    3. This has been stated multiple times, but I concur: reach out to programs. I know class-mates who emailed Stanford, Duke, UCLA with love letters, got interviews, and matched there. I let my pride get in the way and did not sent any letters of interest. In the end, I still matched in the program I fell in love with, so I'm pretty ecstatic. But for those who really want the top of the top and didn't get early interview invites, be proactive.

    4. Have fun! In a lot of the interview dinners, a lot of the interviewees seemed so stiff and nervous. Just relax. Have a couple of beers (don't get buzzed or drunk though), and have an honest chill conversation with the residents. You'll stand out more, and I felt most of the residents really liked me for asking a lot more about them, their interest, hobbies, etc than about the program.
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  39. ssreb

    ssreb 2+ Year Member

    Jul 1, 2012
    School: Midwest School ranked in top 40 of NIH research money
    Step Scores: Step 1 250 ish, Step 2 250ish
    Grades: H in Neuro and Medicine Sub I, HP in everything else, including medicine.
    Research: A couple presentations and a summer of research at home institution. No pubs
    AOA: No, was invited but then not taken.
    Rank: 2nd Quintile
    Interview Invites: UVA, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio State, Case Western, UAB, UTSW, MUSC, Emory
    Rejections: Duke, Vandy, Umich, Wash U, Mayo

    Matched (+ # on ROL): #1 UT Southwestern.

    1. I was surprised at how many rejections I received from places, but no one is joking when they say the top of IM is very, very competitive
    2. I loved Case Western and UAB way more than I thought I would, just based on location. Both great places with super, super friendly staffs.
    3. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!! I know there are a lot of 3rd years reading this trying to figure out where to apply, or to gauge how competitive they are. It can be depressing to see people with tons of high scores get rejection (I know it was for me), but know we are all rooting for you!
    4. I honestly liked 80% of the places I interviewed and would have been happy to train at any of them. The academic IM programs are all pretty badass.
    5. Good luck!
  40. scrub08


    Dec 30, 2016
    School: mid tier med school
    Step Scores: Step 1 mid 250s, step 2 ck mid 260s, CS pass
    Grades: all honors third year, P/F first two years
    Research: several pubs in non-IM field
    AOA: yes
    Rank: first quintile
    Interview Invites: OSU, Emory, UVA, cincy, MUSC, Utah, Colorado, OHSU, UCSD, Baylor, Northwestern, Univ of Chicago, Case western, Cleveland clinic, UPMC, Duke, UNC, Cornell, BIDMC, Vanderbilt, Yale
    Rejections: UW, Hopkins, Mass Gen, Brigham, Columbia, Mt Sinai, NYU, UCLA

    Matched (+ # on ROL): WashU (#2), incredibly excited

    1. I did not decide to go into IM until July of M4. I always thought that I would be going into some surgical sub-specialty until I realized my motivations were for all of the wrong reasons. This has been stated numerous times on this forum but the top 20 IM programs are EXCEPTIONALLY competitive. I was really humbled on the interview trail by the impressive applicants that I met. No problem to shoot for the stars with your program list but don't be surprised when you don't get interviews to all top 20 IM programs.

    2. I did not go on all of the above listed interviews but did go on more than my peers. A friend of mine a few years ago was a rock star med student, only applied to top programs and ran into serious trouble when only a few interview invites came back. Very important to have a few mid-tier/safety schools. Multiple chief residents told me that the numbers of applicants this year were through the roof. I have a feeling as med students are applying to more and more programs because of fear/poor advising/not sure that interview invites will continue to become more competitive.

    3. Take step 2 ck early! There is a culture at my med school if you score 250+ on step 1, not to take ck until eras is submitted. I did not take ck until late October and regret this. First, if you did well on step 1, you can do well/better on CK. Second, ck questions come from the same qbank of NBME questions for the shelf exams during clinical rotations. Take CK closer to the end of third year and the material will be fresher in your mind. Lastly, by providing CK, programs have another data point to evaluate you on.

    4. In my opinion there is a glass ceiling to the BIG 4 for applicants from medical schools outside the top ~30ish. Residency programs like applicants from programs that they know. If your med school has not sent a graduate to Program X in the past 30 years, your chances aren't great (even if you are a rockstar). If you have your heart set on a particular place and medical students have not matched to that particular program in the past, do an away. Remember that an away is a double edged sword because if you do not perform at an outstanding level, you just closed the door for yourself.

    5. Research is really important, especially at top programs. I did not have any research in IM but did have significant research in other fields. If you are an M3 you still have time to write up a case-report or get involved in some type of project. You may also be able to get a letter of recommendation out of this.

    6. LOR matter! Set up your M4 schedule so that you can do a sub-I or clinical elective early so that you can show your preceptors what you can do. I did not do my sub-I until winter because my schedule was set up for someone going into a surgical subspecialty. I was able to enroll into a clinical elective that pushed me and where I was able to work hard and my preceptor saw that and wrote me a strong letter.

    7. Personal statement matters. Take time on this. Do your best.

    8. For interviews try to figure out how you are going to sell your story. How can you tie in your background, your interests, your clinical strengths, your struggles in medical school to paint the picture that is uniquely you? This is not easy to do but if you think about it you will figure it out. Practice interviewing. Ask advisors for interview questions and memorize your answers. The interview matters!!! Programs do not rank every applicant they interview. 95% of interviews are relaxed and comfortable, but be prepared to be engaged, charismatic and respectful.
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  41. Insomniyack

    Insomniyack 2+ Year Member

    Mar 6, 2013
    School: Top 40
    Step Scores: 230s/240s
    Grades: H in IM, Peds, Neuro, Family Med
    Research: Two publications, neither first author
    AOA: no
    Rank: ?
    Interview Invites: UW, OHSU, Colorado, Utah, UTSW, Michigan, NW, UChicago, Case, Jefferson, UNC, Mt. Sinai, Cornell, NYU, Yale, BIDMC, BMC, Tufts, Brown
    Rejections: UCSF, Stanford, UCLA, Duke, Penn, BWH, MGH

    Matched (+ # on ROL): UTSW! (#4- couples match)

    1) Make sure you are telling a story with your application. Have a cohesive narrative that links your personal statement, extracurriculars, and future plans.
    2) Don't be afraid to contact programs with detailed (and genuine) letters of interest. I got a number of interviews this way.
    3) The top end of IM is competitive! For the top-15 programs, AOA matters. Research matters. If you are not super strong in either of these categories, you need to have something else that makes you interesting or you will get lost in the shuffle.
    4) Well-funded academic IM programs are, honestly, all pretty similar. It's easy to get caught up in minute details, but broad strokes, your future is in your own hands, more than a given program.
    5) Have fun on the int trail. Be nice to the people who may be your co-residents one day. Breathe. Smile.
  42. baef

    baef 2+ Year Member

    Mar 25, 2014
    School: Top 40
    Step Scores: 26os/270s/P
    Grades: Mostly H, a few HP
    Research: A bunch
    Rank: ?
    Interview Invites: Duke, Columbia, UPMC, Michigan, Sinai, Cornell, UW, Mayo, Yale, UVA, Dartmouth, Brown, others
    Rejections: MGH, BWH, UCSF, JHH, Stanford, Penn

    Matched (+ # on ROL): #1 Columbia

    - Be proactive in emailing programs that you haven't heard from about an interview if you are truly interested. This strategy helped me get a few interviews.
    - Strong letters of recommendation from faculty that know you well are essential.
    - Like others have said, top IM programs are very competitive. Apply broadly and narrow after you start getting invites.
  43. silencedogood


    Sep 21, 2016
    School: Top 25
    Step Scores: 250s/260s Step 1/2
    Grades: HP in OB/GYN, H otherwise
    Research: Fairly minimal. Two pubs (neither first-author), three posters. Another pub and a book chapter submitted at the time of ERAS
    AOA: Yes
    Rank: Top 10%
    Interview Invites: MGH, BWH, BID, JHH, Duke, UNC, Penn, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, Mt. Sinai, Northwestern, UChicago, Stanford, UW, Yale, Vandy, UVA
    Rejections: UCSF

    Matched (+ # on ROL): Top 2 were BWH and Penn, matched at one of them (for a little anonymity)

    Advice: Use school faculty and mentors to get solid, individual advice about where to apply. There’s plenty of great advice interwoven throughout SDN, but it’s sprinkled throughout piles of anxiety-riddled myth. We are all forever indebted to GutOnc, aPD, MeatTornado and a few other persistent contributors. It’s absolutely worthwhile going through the WAMC and program-specific threads to read what they, and others, have written. But in the end, your best ERAS advice will come from those who know you well. Once you start interviewing, my recommendation would be to keep a running list of your preferred programs as you go. On that list, jot down a few sentences with your major takeaways from the interview day experience. All the objective stuff will be in the packet they give you, but it’ll be helpful to be able to re-read your visceral impression of the program, the leadership, and the residents they attract.

    Feel free to PM with any specific questions about programs, or general questions about the process at large. For now, though, I will continue to shirk responsibility in a manner befitting a spring semester MS4.

    Lastly, trust the Match. The algorithm works, so submit a rank list that reflects your true preferences.
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  44. johnwalldance

    johnwalldance 5+ Year Member

    Mar 24, 2011
    Deep South
    School: Medical College of Georgia
    Step Scores: 239/251 Step 1/2, fail on first CS attempt way early in July then passed about 3 months later
    Grades: As/Bs preclinical, A's in everything clinical except pediatrics and family medicine (rampant grade inflation in my school though o_O)
    Research: No pubs, three posters, a lot of research experience without much publication production :(
    AOA: Nopeeeeee
    Rank: Third quintile (GPA very close to second quintile but no cigar :/)
    Interview Invites: Ohio State, Cedars Sinai, UIC, Univ South Florida, Hofstra Northwell, Scripps Mercy, UT-Austin Dell, University of Tennessee at Memphis, Mt-Sinai Beth Israel (declined because hospital downsizing :eek:), Medical College of Georgia
    Rejections: The other 60+ places I applied to including Emory, University of Louisville, UT-Houston, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, UF, UF-Jacksonville, Nebraska, SUNY-Downstate, Georgetown, George Washington, Washington Hospital Center, Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson, Drexel, Jefferson, Temple, Baylor University Medical Center - Dallas, Indiana, Jackson Memorial, LSU, Tulane, Loyola, Rush, Albert Einstein - Jacobi, Mayo - Arizona, MUSC, SLU, Scripps Green, Stony Brook, UAB, Arizona, Cincinnati, Maryland, Minnesota, UNC, UVA, Univ Southern Cal, UT-Nashville, VCU, Wake Forest

    Matched (+ # on ROL): #1 Ohio State

    Advice: Pass CS! Definitely go on the website and read what the test scores on and use the most updated version of the First Aid book (I used an old version initially, stupid me). The minicases and lab tests to order from that book are simply money. If you somehow do fail it take it as soon as you can be comfortable passing it, I got my passing grade before many of my classmates despite already getting a failing one, and all but one of the schools that I interviewed at after getting a passing CS grade didn't even bring it up.
    If you somehow fail CS, apply very very broadly.

    In general, applying broadly is a very good idea - I remember when I started to process I tried asking mentors and older students what schools are good for me and no one answered my question - so I figured in reality it's a very hard question to answer - instead just apply broadly all around and see what you get. My broad criteria was - academic center in a big/mid size urban area that can send me to a good hematology/oncology fellowship.

    If you want to do something very competitive, definitely do well on preclinical classes especially if that also has a effect on your ranking for AOA and class rank. Also it's not a bad idea to get involved with research early in your medical school career, especially with a preceptor that publishes a lot (you can search preceptor's last names and institutions on pubmed and then see who also gets on their previous papers - that way you might be able to find preceptors that publish a lot AND do it with medical students).

    Send emails to programs that are of interest to you, I did that with Ohio State and Cedars Sinai and they sent me an interview invite right after that, and I remember there only being one interview date left when I got the invitation (yikes!).

    Feel free to PM with any specific questions about programs, or general questions about the process at large.
  45. gutonc

    gutonc No Meat, No Treat SDN Administrator 10+ Year Member

    You know what man...we're 40+ posts into this thread and you're the first person to post your actual school rather than the vague "mid-tier school in vague geographic region". For having the stones to do so (Pro-tip...nobody, and I mean, nobody cares who any of you actually are IRL), an Amazon GC is headed your way.
  46. johnwalldance

    johnwalldance 5+ Year Member

    Mar 24, 2011
    Deep South
    Wait, but BobLoblaw44 the number 3 poster put that he goes to UT Health San Antonio and matched at UVA...should he get one too? And thanks so much gutonc I'll take that gladly :)
  47. gutonc

    gutonc No Meat, No Treat SDN Administrator 10+ Year Member

    Well damn...I missed that one. Yes, yes he does deserve one.
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  48. BobLoblaw44


    Mar 17, 2017
    Haha thanks for looking out for me johnwalldance :), and thank you gutonc!
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  49. BuffyCoat


    Oct 15, 2016
    Wait what about me? Everyone always overlooks BuffyCoat :-( I'm easily identifiable as the only IMG at UChicago so I didn't try and hide! I'm blood type AB+ and there's hypertension on my father's side if anyone cares....
  50. bdth1337


    Oct 13, 2016
    School: Top 25 in the southeast
    Step Scores: Mid 250s step 1, mid 260s step 2
    Grades: HP in OB, H in everything else
    Research: Basic science research before med school with a few papers (none first author), some abstracts during med school
    AOA: No
    Rank: Top quartile
    Interview Invites: Duke, UPenn, Stanford, U of Washington, UTSW, UCLA, BIDMC, Pitt, Vandy, Emory, Northwestern, U of Chicago, NYU, UCSD, Colorado, UVA, UNC, OHSU
    Rejections: BWH, MGH, UCSF, Columbia, JHH. Also withdrew from Cornell and Sinai by mid-interview season since I already had a full slate.
    Matched (+ # on ROL): #1 at a program west of here (without getting too specific, not one of the programs in the SE or NE)

    : The majority of the top ~50 academic programs all provide excellent training and fellowship opportunities. Look for the little things that will make your everyday life better. Do you like the other residents? Is there free food and parking? How's the weather? Do you like the local options in terms of food, drink, entertainment, outdoors, etc.?
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  51. somethingclever12


    Sep 26, 2016
    s/o to everyone lurking just waiting for @CasaLoma

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