USMLE Official 2019 Step 1 Experiences and Scores Thread

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Mar 5, 2015
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Lets get this started.
M2. Mid Tier everything.
Entertaining some surgical sub-specialties.

Goal 270
Happy with 245

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When did you all take your first practice exam? I wanted to take one over winter break to get a baseline but I won't be fully done with content review until late February/early March and my school has done a suboptimal job with micro so I still need to do Sketchy micro and the corresponding Zanki decks. Should I wait until I'm done with all my content or go ahead and take one now even though I'm still weak in micro and pharm? I've been skipping the micro questions in Kaplan because I know next to nothing and want to go back to them after Sketchy/Zanki.

First in March as well with test in early May. Not worth doing in my opinion until you've covered everything.

I think it is okay to take first practice exam before focused content review on what you consider weak sections and could even potentially save you some time. For instance, I always felt very weak on hematology, but always scored well above average on that, so I learned I actually didn't need to review it much.
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I took my first test during spring break in March.

This is likely what I will do as well. We have our first COMSAE right after spring break so it'll be good to get a practice NBME in before that. And I'll still have 3 months until my exam so I'll have time to improve if I'm not where I want to be.
Hey everyone,

Long time lurker, first time post. Took the exam last Friday and agree w/ what most everyone is saying. The new NBMEs will get you 1-2 points from repeats, but overall the exam most closely resembles Uworld. My NBMEs were in the 245-255 range (did all new and old forms starting w/ 13). My UWSA2 three days out was a 262. Overall, felt like 5 Uworld blocks and 2 NBME/WTF/Uworld blocks sprinkled in. Planning on a full write up once I get my score. Just wanted to do a quick write up for anyone else taking the exam soon who wanted an idea of what to expect. Obviously, everyones test is different and the only real way to be ready is to make sure your test taking skills are on-point come game day b/c once you break the 250 mark on practice tests then it knowledge really isn't the issue imo.
Would you be willing to PM me about your experience with Dr. USMLE? Thanks.