OHSU oregon tort thingy

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Aug 14, 2007
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I've read a little about the tort case in OHSU, and read that it will have effects on the upcoming class size. Does anyone have any idea what this will do specifically for out of state admissions? Or the dynamic of the school, etc? SDN seems sparse on this issue, or my googling skills suck

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I looked and couldn't find anything.
The class size was cut from 120 to 105, and tuition was raised by ~20% (I think?) for both IS and OOS. When I interviewed they stressed the fact that quality of education wasn't going out the window, but that they had to cut the class size to ensure that was the case.

In terms of admissions I don't think this will affect IS or OOS acceptance rates, except that OOS may be discouraged from attending due to the high tuition cost. It was already pretty expensive before the tuition hike.

The good news is that the tort cap was lifted for all public entities in OR, which happened to include OHSU. It also includes police, fire, etc., so there is tremendous pressure to find a new tort cap (the old one was rejected for being too low - $500,000). The bad news is that until any new tort cap is tested in court and survives (which will probably take many years to see through), liability costs will continue to be high.

ZagDoc will second/correct me here shortly...
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The "Portland Are Premeds" thread has a lot about this issue in there. Basically, tuition is up and class size is down. In addition, a far flung rural rotation may be lost. The tuition for OOS is now around $43K and ~$38K for IS and the class size has been reduced to 115 students. I have heard some people on SDN remark that the loss of this one rotation isn't terrible, since there are other similar opportunities. The loss of tort reform now puts OHSU on equal footing to all the other medical schools in the country and it is up to the state legislature to pony up the money (or pass a new unassailable tort law...or both!)
As a former future OHSU matriculant, this was on my mind too. I posted this message and then called the administration to get some more answers. Here's what I found and the subsequent discussion. Hope this helps... feel free to comment/respond on this thread.