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Jun 8, 2004
    www.ohsu.edu/som/dean/md/admissions/ is obviously a good place to start. So below are some things I've gleaned from friends I have who have studied at OHSU or are residents there. Some stuff is good. Some stuff is bad.

    From my good friend who just graduated from there...

    1. OHSU actually walks the walk when it comes to early clinical experience. In year 1 & 2 spend 1 afternoon a week working with a doc (usually a primary care physician) in clinic. You also spend another afternoon each week in "Practicals in clinical medicine" course that deals with some of the nuts and bolts of practice (from how to take a history, to ethics, to how to read journal articles, to stats).

    2. Classes are 8-12 everday. The classes are in matched blocks. So, when you're studying the brain in anatomy, you're also learning about the imaging methods of the brain (MRI, CAT) and how to look at them. You have to decide if you like that kind of thing.

    3. In year 3 you do a rural rotation (somewhere outside of portland). This can be a really cool opportunity because you're out in a small town setting where there's the potential to do more hands on work than you'd get to do in the womb of the teaching hospital.

    Some things from friends who are residents there...

    1. Ohsu med students have it pretty good schedule wise in years 3 & 4 compared to other schools (ie you only have call every 4th day instead of every 3rd day)

    2. OHSU doesn't teach particularly well for the boards so you have to do a lot of work on your own to do really well (this is merely an observation from a friend. Raw stats could prove differently).

    Some observations of my own...

    1. Portland is a great town.

    2. Yes the winters are grey, but you can't beat the summers.

    3. State budget is a mess and that will affect tuition

    4. The new buildings will be beautiful.

    At the end of the day, it's just another accredited US Medical school. It comes down to what you're looking for in a school that makes it unique to you or not.

    Do a little research on your own before your interview and ask a lot of questions when meeting with the dean or students.

    Good Luck on your interview! Hope you enjoy it.
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