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Aug 21, 2005
I already got the ones from e-mcat.com, but is there anything else you can recommend? Are there any books at Borders or B&N that have good practice exams?

For practice problems, I already heard of Bio 1001 and 101 Verbal, but what about Chemistry, Physics, and Organic?

Also, would you recommend review books, or just going all out doing practice problems? I'm leaning toward buying the EK review series, if you have any praise or frown upon that, please feel free to let me know.

I just need some advice to where I can obtain good practice material and/or review books, relevant to the MCAT.

Thanks all.


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Aug 22, 2005
Even though they aren't the exact same types of questions, The Official Guide for GMAT Review and The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review (both are published by the Graduate Management Admissions Council) gave me great VR practice. The GMAT Verbal questions are passage based and I think they are much more difficult than MCAT questions.
They are not the exact same types of questions. Use them to supplement other MCAT prep materials and become better acquainted with verbal reasoning questions. They also helped to knock me down a peg when I felt my MCAT prep was going too well. Other than that I don't know. Other than the GMAT review stuff, I used the e-mcat stuff almost exclusively. I bought the TPR and Kaplan MCAT review books and studied them and my old class notes for content but not for practice questions. I spent a lot of time studying content. Other people really disagree with that approach. You can get MCAT prep stuff (old kaplan subject tests, etc.) off of gnutella and bittorrent and stuff, but make sure you have a good anti-virus/anti-spyware program - or a mac or a linux box, because no one bothers to write viruses for us.
I'm sure other people will have good science suggestions.
My only other suggestion is be comfortable. When I walked into the test center I felt comfortable and that definitely helped. Don't worry about the other test takers. The only competition is yourself. Some of them are loud, and sneeze and cough, others fart. Don't let it get to you. People cough and sneeze and fart in hospitals, too. (I know I've done all three.)
I'm sure you'll do well - your writing is so good!