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May 15, 2012
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Hey I have the old TBR books and I was wondering if I should buy the new 2015 TBR books. Was there alot more content added? Thanks!


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May 25, 2007
As far as the text portion, some topics have been removed from all of the science books and there is now an emphasis on biological examples in the chemistry and physics books where it fits. Organic chemistry has a entirely new chapter, physics is sequenced differently (putting more emphasis on chapters with biology incorporated) , and general chemistry has two more chapters. The biggest change is that there are many more passages in the books. Phase III has taken on more of a cumulative practice exam feel as opposed to favoring the corresponding chapter (like before). The books have always emphasized thinking, so that has been retained in the new passages. Having worked with the new books for two sessions now, I like them better than the old ones.

If you do a search or click on some of the links in my signature, you can get more details.
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