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Jun 12, 2008

so i have about 15 Kaplan full-length exams and about 15 verbal section tests. However they are from 2004 based on pencil+paper version. Because of this, there are 60Questions and 9 passages for VR.

So I was wondering if it would be beneficial if I do the 9 passages timed instead of stopping after 7 passages. I have trouble with the timing of the test and not reading fast enough, so I think this might help?

I heard that Kaplan verbal isnt representative of the real mcat, but is it close? I think they are very similar to the AAMC's that ive taken

-so is it worth doing 9 VR passages timed, instead of stopping after 7 passages?
-how good are kaplan 2004 VR passages?



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Jan 6, 2008
You can just break the test down on your own to convert it to 52 questions and 70 minutes each section. This will mirror the real test more.

If not, then I don't see why taking the whole 70 questions (or whatever it was) would be that big of a problem, as you still will be given the same amount of time per section...and it might even give you more stamina than usual, so that when you take the real test with 52 questions each section, it won't be very exhausting for you at all.

Kaplan tests (atleast the 2008 versions I took last year) have more difficult questions, but their curve is easier. The curve just doesnt balance everything out though (to make up for the more difficult questions). Rather, it overcompensates in my opinion.

I would get around 5 points higher on Kaplan practice tests than my AAMC practice tests and real MCAT. And i have read on here that many people have had the same/similar experience.
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