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Dec 19, 2008
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I am an MD candidate applying in PM&R who is interested in gaining OMT training. Does anyone have any courses or workshops to recommend? Did anyone have the good fortune of finding a residency program with a great OMT teacher? I have learned a bit here and there, but would like something a little more formalized either during residency or afterward.

Thank you!


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Feb 1, 2005
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The two dually accredited programs have a fair amt. of OMT training (MSU and NUMC). I am more familiar w/ Nassau (on Long Island) and they use it in clinic almost weekly and receive training by Dr. Dowling who is a true OMM guru. DrVlad on this forum trained there and may be able to offer more specific information.

As far as other programs offering "formal" training in it, the only one that I am aware of RIC. They have workshops and a lecture series on manual medicine. Outside of that part of the curriculum I'm not familiar w/ how much or who uses it in clinic.

UMich and Temple each have at least 1 faculty member who is very skilled in OMM, but as far as I know it is not a formal part of their curriculums. At UMich there is an MD faculty member who learned it at MSU and is now offering a fellowship in OMM/Spine at UMich. At Temple Dr. Weinik is a PCOM grad who uses it occasionally in clinic and treats members of local pro sports teams.

Outside of these programs, I know that MSU offers CME courses in OMM and there is always the possibility that you could do a "+1 year" in OMM after your residency w/ one of the DO programs that offers it. I am not sure if they are open to MD's though.

There are very likely other residency programs offering training in it, as I am really only familiar w/ the programs I applied to (mostly in northeast and some midwest).

Hope that helps
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