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Apr 30, 2017
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For those of you who have taken online anatomy at UNE, which professor do you guys recommend- Roberto Rodriguez Baez or Thierry Bacro? Please let me know thank you!!!
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May 10, 2018
Roberto Rodriguez Baez is 100% FRAUD.

Roberto Rodriguez Baez is an a** clown. He claims to be an MD but I highly doubt it. Online universities are desperate for professors who will work for peanuts, and Baez was the yes man (Southern New Hampshire University Online, Azusa Pacific University Online and other online universities). If he's so competent, then why isn't he licensed to practice in the USA? He's rude, obnoxious and highly defensive when asked basic questions that he can't answer. And he'll downgrade you for questioning his knowledge. He'll even lower your grade AFTER you get your exam back, saying that he missed some errors on your paper. Watch his youtube video and hopefully you'll have an "Aha" moment.

It's also interesting to note that the Cuban medical board doesn't respond to inquiries about his medical license. There's also another MD who graduated at the same time as him in Cuba...his name is Noberto Rodriguez Baez. Coincidence? Probably not. He claims to be a cardio thoracic surgeon who operated on his own mother because "everyone knew I was the best doctor to perform the surgery". OK buddy. Classic neuropathology. The question is: Who's got the cojones to stand up to him? I did and I left the university because of it. I called him out and they STILL didn't do anything. Btw, I saved my 3.9 GPA and transferred. I've also been on the president's list at 2 separate Tier 1 universities and taught the class I took with him (he didn't know that). Bottom Line: Don't walk, run. Run as far away as possible.
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