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Sep 9, 2023
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I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with schools that would/wouldn't accept online coursework and labs? Long story short I took two years in person at Penn State while pursuing a liberal arts degree, but withdrew from college for 3 years since I wasn't sure what I was really pursuing when first entering college. Now I am enrolled in Arizona State's online Biology degree with 1.5 more years until I graduate. The online aspect has been great for me as the tuition isn't crazy for out of state, and I am not tied down to a college town. However, I know that vet schools can be all over the place regarding pre-reqs, and who allows online labs especially. I have a friend who took online courses going to vet school in Glasgow, and I will be applying to all the UK schools, however, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with US state schools that would accept online labs. I already emailed Tufts as they're closest to me, and they said online lab work is not accepted, which I'm not necessarily surprised by coming from Tufts. UC Davis says they allow both online labs and coursework. Does anyone have any experience with this process dealing with online science classes and vet school admission?


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Your best bet will be directly reaching out to admissions. I would imagine several schools revisited online policies post-covid.
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I also suggest contacting the schools because a lot of prerequisites have been changed or added.
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