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May 6, 2010
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I am wondering how a medical school with view an online physics class with lab. I have already taken the first semester of physics but still need the second semester. Unfortunately, all of the schools in my area require you to come to campus 4-5 days per week, all in the middle of the day. While I am only working part-time (2 8-hour day shifts each week), my job is at a hospital that is an hour away, so I couldn't really take an hour lunch to go to class or leave for part of the day and come back. There is an online class available through CO Community Colleges and would be accredited by the NCA Higher Learning Commission. The lab portion is also at home - you buy a kit and do labs on your own. Any thoughts on how a school would view this? If I did well enough on the PS portion of the MCAT, would it really matter? Or will they think I just the easy way out?

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You may want to look into you schools of choice since some of them will state that they will not accept online credits for their prereq (i.e., physics). I guess you can always ask them for exception since you have a good reason for it, but would you willing to waste your time on that?:(
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Online classes through a CC for a prereq? Most schools aren't going to like that one bit. Is it possible to ask for weekend and/or evening shifts instead?
How do you do physics labs online? I've never heard of an online physics class before but it doesn't sound legit to me.
The lab is something you purchase and do at home. I am not 100% sure how it works, but it is accredited. There are a lot of high schools that are 100% online, and science with a lab is usually required for them, so I am assuming they have created tools that you can do at home.

I wish I could ask for night or evening shifts, but I am a dietitian and we only works days. I may have to sign up anyawy but skip lecture once a week or something.