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Online Undergraduate Degree - Please Advise


New Member
Jun 3, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Looking for some advice on a non-traditional applicant. Let's assume that this particular applicant is well above average in all areas evaluated by medical school admissions boards (MCAT, volunteer, shadowing, research, leadership, ETC). This applicant is 32 years old and holds an undergraduate degree in Cyber Security (online). However, this applicant has also completed all required science pre-requisite courses at a state university (in person on campus) after the online degree was obtained. My question is this:

Would this application (M.D.) get rejected based SOLELY on the fact that the applicant possesses an online undergraduate degree?

I'm willing to answer any additional questions about this applicant. Any guidance is very much appreciated.
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Full Member
2+ Year Member
Jun 15, 2018
  1. Pre-Medical

To whom it may concern,

I earned an online bachelors degree in nursing. I too had this exact same concern. After getting my bachelors, I completed my prerequisites in class at my local CC. I asked about whether my online degree will be a gatekeeper in me attending medical schools and pretty unanimously everyone said "no it will not". I think moving forward in the application cycle just go to all the schools' website you plan on applying to. Typically in the FAQs or Admission Requirement tabs it'll state if Online degrees are acceptable. Kaiser, Georgetown and George Washington were 3 I was interested in, but do not accept online degrees. With that being said, just strategically apply to schools based on your stats and you should be fine.
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