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  1. C

    3.3 GPA, 500 MCAT, no extracurriculars/letters of rec

    I've been suffering from OCD and major depression for six years. They've been making it difficult to feel motivated or do much. I've been getting lots of help, from antidepressants and therapy to ECT and TMS. But honestly, nothing has really worked. I still want to get into medicine. But my...
  2. B

    MD & DO WAMC Florida Resident 508 MCAT/Undergrad cGPA 3.149/ Masters cGPA 3.83

    Hey everyone, I generated a school list and wanted to get any feedback I could on it. I'm a Florida resident and luckily qualified for the fee assistance program so I can apply to all the Florida schools and then 12 more schools that I match up with. I also plan to apply to DO also. I outlined...
  3. predental.Em


    Date of submission: Have not submitted, planning on submitting June 1, 2023 Overall GPA: 3.3 Science GPA: 3.4 Deleted. — School list: **** NEED SUGGESTIONS! UF NOVA Lecom midwestern az NYU
  4. lissadawynn

    RDH to DDS. Give me your advice!

    Hey y’all. I’m applying to dental school next spring and I’m trying to find ways to make myself a more competitive candidate. Graduating from Dental Hygiene school in a few weeks. 3.4 oGPA, 3.2 sGPA. Still have two years of science classes to raise that GPA. Not much in ways of ECs because I’m a...
  5. jserallim

    MD Should I take part in grade enhancement?

    Hey guys! I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to know whether I should look to take part in some sort of enhancement in order to be competitive for MD schools. cGPA: 3.59 BCMP: 3.29 I’ve been told that my cumulative gpa is fine but a science gpa under 3.4 is considered low and combined with...
  6. cilantrosoap


  7. A

    Application feedback and chances of admission

  8. D

    Screwed up my primary application. How damaging would it be if I’m “completed” by December / January?

    Hello. I wanted to ask the folks here a question. This morning, I found out that one of my transcripts on OptomCAS wasn’t sent. I did it today, but I still have to get my transcripts verified...and then my application verified, which will push me into November. After that, I have an OAT for...
  9. peachy!

    Do I have hope?

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to know if you think I have a chance of getting accepted this cycle. I completed my optometry application in mid-Aug. I wrote my OAT in Sept and did extremely horrible (260 ouch). I suck at organic chemistry and it plummeted my score. I even bought the Kaplan...
  10. Future Dr. Juice

    Chances of getting into postbacc?

    Hi everyone, I am new to SDN and I am looking for help in regards to my chances of getting into a career changer post-bacc program. I have one semester left in undergrad and I will be graduating this December, 2020. I am a psychology major at an HBCU with a current cumulative GPA of a 3.43, I...
  11. P

    Online Undergraduate Degree - Please Advise

    Looking for some advice on a non-traditional applicant. Let's assume that this particular applicant is well above average in all areas evaluated by medical school admissions boards (MCAT, volunteer, shadowing, research, leadership, ETC). This applicant is 32 years old and holds an undergraduate...
  12. dtugadawg

    Help With School List and Chances

    Current Junior applying from UGA. My original state of residence is also Georgia, I have a 3.91 and a 513. My clinical shadowing and volunteering is really solid and my non clinical volunteering is also strong. Additionally I have held a couple leadership positions and have done rowing for 8...
  13. NeuroPsychosis

    MA/MS MA program with/without a thesis?

    Hello platform folks, Just a debate came across. I realized some MA programs in Psychology out there don't have a thesis required as part of their program (I realized they are usually clinical emphasis). However, as for someone interested in applying to PhD programs (clinical & traditional)...
  14. F

    Introduction/ Questions

    Hey All! My name is Max, I’m a sophomore biology student at Rowan U on a pre-vet track....Currently, I have an atrocious 2.5 GPA, but this semester I am on track to earn the first 4.0 semester of my college career! (Turns out I do pretty well when I wear my hearing aids in class LOL).... I am...
  15. labgeek007

    Mercer Preclinical Masters

    Hello! I am trying to apply for the mercer preclinical masters program. My gpa is around a 3.0 but my MCAT is fairly high (above 516). What would you say my chances are of getting accepted? I have a lot of extra curricular. I've worked in a lab for 5 years, conducted research for 2 years, and...
  16. O

    Evaluate my chances and any tips or strategies would be helpful

    I will preface by saying you're going to read this and probably say yikes. That is fine but its too late now I decided that I'm applying this cycle what matters here now is strategy to overcome my 1% chance of getting in. So I will do my best to give a picture of me as an applicant then give me...
  17. M

    How does an applicant apply competitively when GPA is an issue

    Hello friends, I was directed here from the Reddit MD/PhD community and I was wondering if I could get some advice on applying to MD/PhD programs. Basically, I worry that my lower GPA will make many programs overlook my application, and I'm wondering what you guys would advise in terms of...
  18. yellowjackatl

    Post-Bac Guidance

    Hey y'all I'm kinda struggling with a direction/guidance for this question so I'm here! I am a graduating super senior from Georgia Tech that was pre-med but switched out roughly halfway through my college career due to my declining mental health over the course of a year related to me coming...
  19. F

    Carribean MD or podiatry? What are my chances?

    Hello. I am a premed student. Overall GPA of 3.4 and science of about 2.6. Not yet taken MCAT. I do have lots of patient hours, shadowing, community service, and research. Will be applying to MD schools in the Caribbean (from the big 4) and possibly podiatry schools in the US. Does it seem like...
  20. R

    MPH to MD possible with high MPH gpa and high MCAT but low undergrad GPA?

    Okay so I’m really looking for some solid advice because my situation is always a little different from other people on here. So I graduated last May with a degree in biology with a 2.98 cum gpa (sGpa is a little lower). I’m currently enrolled in an MPH program that takes approximately 2 years...
  21. M

    Help with studying habits? Chances for optometry school?

    My GPA keeps dropping! I’m scared to death. My GPA before I took Physics 2 & Organic Chemistry 2 was 3.34. I got C’s in both of those, then it dropped to a 3.31. Once I took Biochemistry, for a C in that, and got more B’s than C’s in my other classes that semester it dropped to a 3.28. I just...
  22. D

    My chance of getting accepted into Pharmacy School

    I am an 18-year-old who is currently applying for a few pharmacy schools in Texas (UT Austin, Texas A&M, UHouston, and Texas Tech). I'm so nervous about admissions and was wondering if I should apply for more schools in case I got denied. Here are my stats: - I'm graduating with my Bachelor of...
  23. Moki1984

    Need research for application, where/how? Please evaluate my history

    Good afternoon. I am considering applying for a PhD program in Clinical Psychology. It is at a local college, approximately a 40 minute drive so I am a resident. They offer a few routes to PhD with Psych; clinical, social, developmental and cognitive. It is the only school within driving...
  24. D

    Gap Year Ideas: Should I do a post-bac/SMP?

    Advice please! I am not applying this cycle; I will be applying next cycle. Undergrad- Tulane University (graduating May 2020) Hometown- Ft. Lauderdale, FL Major- Neuroscience Minor- English cGPA- 3.3... I had an awful semester during the fall of my junior year (first time officially being...
  25. A

    GRE chances/advise

    Hey guys, I wanted your advise on my chances of getting into PT school as my senior year is slowly approaching. I was looking into applying into the University of Colorado, Regis, Rocky Mountain, Puget Sound, and Eastern Washington. Cum GPA: 3.9 GRE: Q: 152 V: 145 E: 4.0 Hours: 3 settings...
  26. F

    Native American Pre-Dent. Low GPA Advice Please!

    Hey everyone, I am a first generation native student from a rural area who recently graduated with my B.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology along with a couple minors. I am currently in the process of applying to dental school but I am extremely worried about my gpa. Long story short, I was...
  27. pnisarg50

    Am I doing enough?

    I am currently about to enter my Junior Year of college and am taking the MCAT January. I was reviewing my resume and wanted to make sure that I had what was necessary for a strong application for Medical Schools. My GPA is a 3.97 so I am more concerned with extracurriculars. -I have been doing...
  28. Z

    Anyone know anyone who has gotten into medical school (either MD or DO) with a 499?

    Anyone know anyone who has gotten into medical school (either MD or DO) with a 499? If so, what was their ECs, GPA, which medical school was it, ... etc? Thank you!
  29. babykarat

    MD/PhD WAMC + School List Advice

    deleted for privacy
  30. A

    Decent GPA with bad ECs?

    So I've got a 3.5 GPA, maybe a little bit lower for science GPA but definitely above 3.0. My EC's aren't great however-- I'm part of the preoptometry club, I've helped 1 or 2 times with another club, and I'm a notetaker. I'm planning on doing shadowing this summer, taking the OAT and finding...
  31. I

    Interested in Optometry - Few Questions

    Hey everybody! This is my first post on this awesome forum! I've heard so many good things about it! I'm interested in going into optometry, but I have a few questions. This is kind of my record in the run-down: The Good: -2000+ experience in an eye clinic, though its mostly with...
  32. DoctorOrdinary

    What is a proper OOS school connection?

    Not a typical WAMC post but more of a question about the more in-state friendly public schools such as ones in Texas and Cali. I'm a Florida resident and have family (1st cousins) in Texas who I visit once every year or every other year. I also have a close relative in Cali that just recently...
  33. TheNewGuy29

    Here is my story. Do you think I will get into medical school?

    I will start here by saying that this is going to be quite long. This is my first post, and I made this account mainly just for this. I am putting my story and my journey through undergrad out there, and I hope you all will read this and bear with me. Please, help me out and qualm my fears of...
  34. F

    Do I still have a chance?

    Hello, I am a senior in college with a bit of an unusual story that got me where I am today. I started college at one of the top liberal arts schools as a poli sci major intending to go into politics. After my freshman year, one of my parents was diagnosed with a terminal illness and that's...
  35. R

    How Residency Admissions Committees Choose Their Applicants and Do Boards Scores Matter?

    Preface: I am a radiology attending who has been on residency and medical school admission committees. In short, Yes, boards scores matter. They 100% matter even though they shouldn’t matter as much as they do. The scores are well known by admissions committees to not be reflective of who will...
  36. xJoseph

    MD 503 MCAT, 3.94 GPA, and URM!

    Puerto Rican and residing in the island. What do you think my chances are on schools in the state of California or N.Y out of curiosity? Thanks Proficient in Spanish, English and ASL.
  37. GoPenguinsGo

    MD Can a 503 MCAT with a 3.37 GPA get into these Allopathic MD schools?

    So above is my GPA and MCAT (individual sections are posted below if you care to look) score. I have shadowed 5 doctors and I have both an MD and DO writing LOR's for me just to give some light as to the rest of my app. My residency is in Ohio. These are the MD schools I selected: 1) Rosalind...
  38. DoctorOrdinary

    What do medical schools look for in "research experience?"

    I'm currently a junior at a state university and just started doing research with a graduate student in a faculty's lab. The research itself is based on marine organic chemistry and I had an easy time getting in due to my fish keeping hobby, but it looks like I will just be working on small...
  39. Fz94

    Question regarding postbacc/prevet masters program/poor chances of getting into vetschool

    I am a graduate from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor's degree in Biology, and I am currently applying for Vet Schools for the 2019 application cycle. I am planning to apply to 13 vet schools in total. My question is regarding how Vet Schools actually look at the GPA you would earn form a...
  40. T

    General Admissions & OTCAS OT schools in Illinois

    Hello guys, Can someone tell me which schools they get accepted in Illinois? Also, can you please share your stats and what is the advice you can give to other applicants? Thank you