1. S

    Bad freshman year??

    Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of applying to MD and DO schools and I have a question. So I used to attend a four-year university for my freshman year, but I did terrible (2.52 GPA) due to personal reasons and I dropped out. I took a gap year & did some stuff, reenrolled at community...
  2. jdubs1984

    Advice on possible medical or age discrimination in university acceptance.

    Hello Everyone, I've been rejected from the 4 year university I applied to transfer to from my community college. I'm unsure how I would not be in the top pool of applicants unless they are holding my medical withdrawals against me from years ago. I have a 3.2~ over the years, I'm currently...
  3. L

    UHCO Admittance Chances Around Now?

    Hello! I just recently finished my interview with UHCO. I quite like the school with its myriad of research opportunities and plethora of clinical chances. I was overall surprised that I got an interview for this school since my numbers are slightly below their expectations - my work experience...
  4. A


    Does anyone know when ETSU DPT program will get back to applicants about whether they were admitted or not/if they got an interview? I’ve seen mixed reviews about them getting back to students in the month of July or month of October from years ago. I’m not sure how long their process typically...
  5. P

    Should I be communicating with schools?

    Do the majority of successful applicants send letters of interest, updates, call the admissions office of the schools they are interested in/waitlisted at? I have not done any of that this cycle and have seen many people on SDN regularly emailing/calling admissions and staying in close...
  6. S

    Admissions Requirement: Full Sequence vs One Year

    Hello, my university goes by the quarter system and the organic chemistry sequence only spans two quarters. I noticed that some medical schools require an entire year/the full sequence of organic chemistry and was just wondering if that meant I would need to take a third organic chemistry course...
  7. L

    Very medicore OAT. Need advice (WAMC).

    Hello! I would like some advice from the good people of this forum concerning my OAT results, which I got back yesterday. My cGPA is 3.2 and my sGPA is a bit below that (ditto with my pre-reqs - my post-bacc years-long repair process mostly focused on upper divisions). My biggest strength is...
  8. A

    Screwed up big time.

    Hey guys - just realized I may have screwed my chances at medical school. I applied to queens and western. My third and fourth years are the 3.88 and 3.87 respectively. I did a fifth year in 2020 and took three courses, which was my biggest, dumbest mistake because I ended up with a calculated...
  9. J

    Admissions Emails Following Good MCAT Score

  10. vithebee

    LECOM Portal Admissions Question

    Under my admissions status on the LECOM portal it states "once we are notified by the affiliated undergraduate school that you have had final arrangements to matriculate, we will send your provisional acceptance to LECOM." Does this mean I got in lol? I am confused. This is the message I get...
  11. langba12


    Hey folks! I figured I'd start a thread for HPU DPT admissions to see where everyone is at in the admissions cycle. I interviewed 9/28/20 and haven't heard back yet. Where is everyone else in the admissions process?
  12. H

    General Admissions & OTCAS Low undergrad stats. Should I go OTA route before applying for OT?

    I graduated back in 2015 with bachelor's in psych. I was pre-OT before but I messed up in my anatomy classes and ended up with a low GPA of 3.18. Since graduating, I've been working in a medical office and would like to apply to OT school again. I am wondering if I should go through OTA school...
  13. D

    Adversity/Challenge Essay Advice

    So for my challenge essay, I was thinking about writing parts of my experience as a patient. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder at age 16, but the journey to get a diagnosis became long and arduous. While I could write about the resilience of not having...
  14. jstkeepswimming

    Guidance on next steps

    Hello all, So I posted a while back asking for advice on what I can do to help my situation and get into medical school. I'm here asking for more opinions. Here's a quick refresher: - currently working on reinventing my resume for medical school and am looking for advice on where to go from...
  15. P

    Online Undergraduate Degree - Please Advise

    Looking for some advice on a non-traditional applicant. Let's assume that this particular applicant is well above average in all areas evaluated by medical school admissions boards (MCAT, volunteer, shadowing, research, leadership, ETC). This applicant is 32 years old and holds an undergraduate...
  16. S

    Pass/Fail Grade Option for Non-Prereq course in Postbac

    Hello Everyone! I am looking for some opinions I am currently doing a do-it-yourself postbac and have finished last semester with 3 A's and 2 B's. I will be finishing this semester with 4 A's and 1 B (in a non-prereq course). I was thinking of taking a pass on the B because I am trying to...
  17. Perchperkins

    Is it okay to take premed prerequisites over the summer?

    So this summer I was considering taking calculus 1 over the summer. Due to corona, this class will be online but it will be offered by the college that I attend. Will it look bad if I take it over the summer as opposed to next semester? Should I take another course or not bother with it? I’m...
  18. K

    How do medical schools view non-traditional gap year jobs?

    Hi everyone. I am going into my second gap year and am applying for the next cycle. I have scribed and worked in research along with all of the other typical pre-medical/gap year jobs. I am moving to another state and am not looking for another $10-$15 per hour job. I was recently offered a job...
  19. Ramona Flowers

    Letters of Recommendation Question

  20. A

    Dental to Optometry

    Hello everyone Im writing to get everyones input on my situation. I recently took the DAT and scored a 111 on it (adding all the sections together). I know some schools require at least a 105 on the DAT to be considered competitive. Im currently in the dental hygiene program and was applying...
  21. B

    Is it acceptable/common practice to seek advice from admitted acquaintances on applying to their school?

    Background: I went to a mid-sized high school of ~1000 which is just small enough for me consider virtually everyone within two grades of me there an acquaintance. It is one of the top public high schools in CA and, as I am getting into my late 20s, my cohort and those preceding/following it is...
  22. noob1112

    Criminal History and Canadian Med School Admissions

    I'm a medical school applicant with exceptional undergraduate GPA, MCAT and extracurriculars/references. The hitch is I have had some criminal history stemming from an alcohol and drug problem as well as untreated mental illness. I have received treatment for my problems and have strove to...
  23. U

    Applying for M.D/D.O after obtaining my MPH--Advice.

    Hi there! I'm looking for some advice and would be happy to get as much perspective as possible. I'm currently in the process of applying to my MPH. (program start date: Fall 2020) for my interest in public health. In all honesty, I had falsely juxtaposed medicine with public health in my...
  24. A

    to take another gap year?

    Here's what I have so far: Undergrad Major: Health Education cGPA: 3.83 sGPA: 3.71 I have not taken the MCAT yet - I plan on taking in March 2020. My story - I went through most of college being pre-PA and switched a few weeks before I graduated. In undergrad, I completed all of the...
  25. H

    Whats the Best Site/PDF for Medical School Admissions Demographics?

    Hey Everyone, Whats the Best Site/PDF for Medical School Admissions Demographics? I know there are stats for MCAT and GPA but is there anything for age, ethnicity, sex yatta yatta...? I would really appreciate it. Plus if anyone has a pdf I would love if you could email me it at...
  26. M

    General Admissions & OTCAS Transcripts and OTCAS

    Hello Everyone, I am starting the OTCAS process and am concerned about the Transcripts section on the OTCAS. When entering in your courses, it says to use official transcripts, but obtaining the official transcripts from all of the schools I attended is very costly. Has anyone had issues using...
  27. J

    Does being a part time student your whole college career look bad when applying to medical school?

    So, my whole college career I have always been a part time student because I have needed to work to afford to live/pay for school. I have had a few semesters where I had 15 credits, but the vast majority were 12 or less. I don't know if it makes a difference that I have been working as an...
  28. C

    MD vs Comp Sci HELP

    Hey guys, so I am debating between a CS or a MD (and slightly considering dental, but first I want to eliminate or not eliminate CS). I am going to college (a T10) this fall. I am taking an intro CS class as well as pre med requirement classes such as phys and chem, skipping out of intro bio and...
  29. king17887

    Med School List Help. 3.95 sGPA 510 MCAT

    Hey everyone! I would greatly appreciate it if I could get a critical review of my med school list. I just want to make sure I'm doing well with targeting schools that I will fit best in. Thanks in advance! Stats: Resident of AL, cGPA: 3.97, sGPA: 3.95 MCAT: 510 Research: 1600 hrs - 1...
  30. D

    US vs. Canadian GPA

    Hi all, As an American, would I need to convert my GPA for Canadian clinical psychology Ph.D./Psy.D. applications? I've heard elsewhere that there's an emphasis in Canada on percentages, which don't show up on my transcripts. Is there an official scale that I can refer to? Google hasn't been...
  31. Aisreb

    Residency Match: bias?

    I am an incoming MD student in the fall, and am making my final choice for the institution I will attend. I was wondering if there’s any in-state bias for residency matches. i.e. Will I necessarily have a greater chance of attending a California residency if I attend a California Medical school...
  32. M

    Questions to Ask at Medical School Fair

    We have a medical school admissions fair at my school next week that I need to start preparing for. What types of questions are best to ask these schools? What do you wish that you had asked admissions at various schools when you were starting to feel them out? Some of the schools attending I...
  33. M

    UCONN Post-Bacc 2019-2020

    Hello everyone, I haven't seen a current thread for UConn's post baccalaureate program for 2019-2020. Where is everyone in their application and has anyone heard back?
  34. LizzyM

    Making Medical School Admissions More Equitable

    Closing the Gap — Making Medical School Admissions More Equitable Efrain Talamantes, M.D., M.B.A., Mark C. Henderson, M.D., Tonya L. Fancher, M.D., M.P.H., and Fitzhugh Mullan, M.D. in the February 28, 2019 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine N Engl J Med 2019; 380:803-805. Check...
  35. S

    Pushing MCAT date to later - advice?

    Hi all, I'm an undergraduate pre-med student. I'm considering pushing my MCAT date to July 20 (scores release August 20). I will have my AMCAS application completed (except MCAT score) by early June and will submit it for the verification process since it takes 6-8 weeks. I will choose one...
  36. F

    Contacting schools that have ghosted you

    So far this cycle, been rejected to 5 schools, waitlisted at 1 and still waiting for the others. I would like to contact the rest of the schools that are still offering post December interviews but not sure exactly what to say? What do you guys recommend? Should I contact them and write a letter...
  37. synapse_collapse

    Live Vaccines

    I need an MMR booster but can’t get live vaccines. Has anyone else been in this position before?
  38. X

    Pre-Med to Pre-Dental

    Hey guys, I'm currently a 3rd year undergrad who is seriously considering the switch from pre-med to pre-dental. Since I have been pre-med up until now, a lot of my ECs are more directly related to MD admissions such as about 200h of shadowing physicians, 2 years of part-time EMT work, 300h...
  39. D

    GPA Trends

    Hello! I was just curious...what would admissions commitees rather see: an exceptionally high gpa, or one that shows a strong upward trend? Thanks in advance!
  40. chykharivska

    Admission offers for Pharm

    Does anyone know how much time it takes a pharm school to make a decision. I interviewed at my #1choice school a while ago but haven't heard anything while the school I interviewed with not that long ago, offered me an admission in about 1 week after the interview. Should I call my top choice...