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    Please contact me if you want to add an abbreviation to the list below. I remember the great difficulty as a medical student and first year resident trying to learn the "lingo". I hope this list will help.

    You will find a printable version here:
    AC- anterior chamber
    ACG- angle closure glaucoma
    ALT-argon laser trabeculoplasty
    ARMD (AMD)-age-related macular degeneration
    BRAO-branch retinal artery occlusion
    BRVO-branch retinal vein occlusion
    CF- Counting Fingers
    CFB- Corneal Foreign Body
    CHA- complex hyperoptic astigmatism
    CMA- complex myopic astigmatism
    CME- cystoid macular edema
    CNVM-choroidal neovascular membrane
    CPC- cyclophotocoagulation
    CRAO-central retinal artery occlusion
    CRVO-central retinal vein occlusion
    CRx- Cycloplegic Refraction
    CSR- central serous retinopathy
    CSDME- clinical significant diabetic edema
    CVF- Confrontational Visual Fields
    DFE- dilated fundus exam
    DME- diabetic macular edema
    ECCE- extracapsular cataract extraction
    EKC- epidemic keratoconjunctivitis
    EOM- extraocular motility
    ERG- electroretinogram
    ERM- epiretinal membrane
    FFA- fundus fluorescein angiography
    GCA- giant cell arteritis
    GFE- gas fluid exchange
    GPC- giant papillary conjunctivitis
    GVF- Goldman visual field
    HA5- Homatropine 5%
    HCL- hard contact lens
    HH- Hollenhorst plague
    HM- hand motion
    HRVO- hemi retinal vein occlusion
    HST- horseshoe tear
    HSV- herpes simplex virus
    HVF- Humphrey visual field
    HVID- Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter
    ICCE- intracapsular cataract extraction
    INO- internuclear ophthalmoplegia
    IOFB- intraocular foreign body
    IOL- intraocular lens
    IOP- intraocular pressure
    K- keratometry
    KP- keratic precipitates
    LLL- left lower lid
    LP- light perception
    LPI ? laser peripheral iridotomy
    LTS- lateral tarsal strip
    M1/2N2 1/2- Tropicamide0.5% and Phenylephrine HCl 2.5%
    MEWDS- multiple evanescent white dot syndrome
    MFC- multifocal choroiditis
    MGD- meibomian gland dysfunction
    MMG- mixed mechanism glaucoma
    MRx- manifest refraction
    NFL- nerve fiber layer
    NLP- no light perception
    NPDR- non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy
    NS- nuclear sclerosis
    NTG-normal tension glaucoma
    NVA- neovascularization of the angle
    NVD- neovascularization of disc
    NVE- neovascularization else where
    NVG- neovascular glaucoma
    NVI- neovascularization of iris
    PAM- primary acquired melanosis
    PAS- peripheral anterior synechiae
    PBK- pseudophakic bullous keratopathy
    PD- interpupillary distance
    PDR- proliferative diabetic retinopathy
    PDS- pigment dispersion syndrome
    PDT- photodynamic therapy
    PED- pigment epithelial detachment
    PEE- punctate epithelial erosions
    PF- pred forte
    PH- pinhole
    PI- peripheral iridectomy
    PK- penetrating keratoplasty
    POAG- primary open angle glaucoma
    POHS- presumed ocular histoplasmosis syndrome
    PPA- peripapillary atrophy
    PPDR- preproliferative diabetic retinopathy
    PPVx- pars plana vitrectomy
    PRP- panretinal photocoagulation
    PSC- posterior subcapsular
    PVD- posterior vitreous detachment
    PXF- pseudoexfoliation
    RAPD- relative afferent pupillary defect
    RB- retinoblastoma or retrobulbar
    RD- retinal detachment
    RGP- Rigid Gas Permeable
    RK- radial keratotomy
    RLL- right lower lid
    RP- retinitis pigmentosa
    RPE- retinal pigment epithelium
    SBP- scleral buckle procedure
    SCL- soft contact lens
    SLE- slit lamp exam
    SLT- selective laser trabeculoplasty
    SLO - scanning laser ophthalmoscope (research)
    SPK- superficial punctate keratopathy
    SWR- surface wrinkling retinopathy
    T1/2- Timoptic/Timolol 0.5%
    Ta- IOP by applanation tonometer
    Tp- IOP by tono pen
    TRD- traction retinal detachment
    VA- visual acuity
    VF- visual fields
    VH- vitreous hemorrhage
    VSR- venous stasis retinopathy
    Vx- vitrectomy
    W- glasses presently wearing
    YAG- yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser
    Thanks to SLO and Richard_Hom for their contributions! :thumbup:
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