Nov 22, 2009

So just to give a lil' information about myself: I am at an ivy league school with a 3.72 GPA pursuing a Biochemistry (ScB) degree and will be graduating this coming May 2011. Right now I plan on taking a year off to do research (and just to take an overall break) before matriculating into med school god-willingly in Fall of 2012 where I look to enter into an MD/PhD program. Right now I'm looking into primarily working as a tech in a lab to continue working and earning money so that the application process can actually be feasible.

As the semester has gone by, I have been looking more and more into these post-bac programs that are primarily designed to help those from non-science backgrounds or those who wish to improve their academic background to make acceptance more likely.

Personally, I am not looking for these types of programs but am looking more for any fellowships/jobs/etc that would allow me to work in a lab as a tech seeing as I'm currently satisfied with my academic background. If anyone knows of any or if anyone could clarify any misconceptions that I may inherently have (based on reading this thread) about the post-bac programs, any information would be much appreciated. Hope to hear from someone soon. Please and Thanks!




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Oct 15, 2007
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You could try a 1 year MS program in a bio/biochem/whatever. I keep hearing they exist, but I never looked into it. I'm guessing it would require some grad classes, a library project, and maybe some teaching so it could free up your time to do research.


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Dec 19, 2009
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you're right, the post-bac/SMP route is not for you. i'd suggest talking to faculty in your program, see if they have any suggestions for you. i know it's pretty tough out there right now, good luck.


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Nov 24, 2007
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You could go get a job doing research with some Lab, either at your university or another. You'll get benefits, maybe 30 grand, and maybe a recommendation, that you may or not need. If you have some kind of research, biochem, etc. background (as you do), you could also get a nice job in industry and make far more and get a different experience/perspective. If you are not desperate for a rec, go make some money and get out of the academic environment. Or, better, find something you really want to do, and do that for a year or 2.