options for orthodontic residency?

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May 16, 2022
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I'm currently a D1 student in a graded and ranked school and the transition to dental school has been really tough. While I am passing all of my classes with B's and C's, I haven't yet managed to secure an A in a lecture course (I have A's in labs, however). Is there anything I can do from now to set myself up for success later on when I am eventually applying to orthodontics residency, aside from continuing to figure out the best study habits?

P.S. I have done non-dental research in undergrad that is currently being reviewed for publication and I am currently on the board of my school's Aesthetics Society.

Thanks for the tips!

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Honestly, I wouldn’t pick up extracurriculars until you have your academics down. Ortho is competitive & they’ll filter out a lot of applicants based on rank alone. If you want to match, you’ll need to secure as high of a rank as you can, just plain and simple. The other stuff is great, but can be focused on later.
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It's going to be an uphill battle for you unfortunately. Ortho acceptance is typically about rank in your class. Once you get behind .... it is pretty difficult to leap frog higher ranked students. But don't give up. You never know.

As for other options. Does your DS have a graduate ortho residency? If so .... try to volunteer your assistance in the grad program. Assist the ortho residents, or attendings with their research. I did this and it helped ALOT. This will also help to secure future letters of rec from the ortho attendings.

Good luck.
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