OptomCAS logging shadowing, experiences, resume

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Jun 30, 2017
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How are you logging your shadowing through OptomCAS? Also, what other experiences are relevant to include in the "Experiences" section? Is this strictly eye care related, or can it be other extracurricular activities (such as student orgs, being a tutor, etc)? Is it appropriate to upload your resume to the system? Thanks!

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Put down literally everything you’ve done since high school: employment, volunteering, leadership experiences, and shadowing.

When you add an experience, there’s an option to put it down as shadowing. You’ll put in the average hours per week and how many weeks you did the shadowing, giving you a total number of hours. Some schools may require more info on a supplemental application.

Some schools do require a CV/resume, and you’ll either upload that through the supplemental or OptomCAS

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