Optometry School/Interviews

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Nov 16, 2003
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Hey Everyone!

I've been looking at the SDN site but I just found the OD boards today! I'm graduating from college in May and have applied to NEWENCO, PCO, SUNY, and ICO. I had my interview at NEWENCO which went really well. So I should be hearing from them soon. If I went to NEWENCO I'd be able to commute from home and save lots of money on housing and food etc. I'd consider that for atleast the first few years until clinicals may cause me to live closer to school. I have interviews at the other 3 schools in December and January. But, if I get into NEWENCO I may only go to PCO. I took the OAT in Feb 03 and then just in October. I was pleased with my results in Feb. except for QR which is why I tried it again. Thats all I have for now. Any questions/comments etc are welcome!