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Aug 5, 2016

I kind of need some advice. I am currently going to my fourth year at the University of Tornto Scarborough and hoping to get into optometry school some day.
Right now I am studying for the OAT, using the big Kaplan book, the oat destroyer and chad videos. I have also read a lot of experiences people had with the OAT to get a better idea on how to study and what to expect. My GPA is not extremely great for optometry school (lower side of the 2.0s). But I have fourth year to bring it up as high as possible (taking a bunch of electives to help). Therefore I am trying to aim really high for the oat (350 or higher). As for experience, I have some shadowing experience with two optometrists, I currently work as a lab technician at lens crafters, apart of many club on campus, including the president of the pre-optometry club, plus some research experience. I just wanted some advice on how to improve my application to be more competitive for optometry schools in the states. Also any tips on how to score high on the oat will be helpful. Thank you :)
Jun 12, 2015
I would say shadow more optometrist, ophthalmologist ( in different sets, like independent optometrist, and a clinic with multiple optometrist ,, etc) working on your GPA would be the best thing to do now beside the shadowing. Also doing extracurricular activities would be helpful. Having a strong letter of recommendation from an optometrist would be great on your application..

best of luck