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Feb 12, 2007
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This program is reputed to be strong, had a great morning report, and whoever said the skybridge is beautiful is right on. It looks like many of the residents stay put for fellowship so the cards match worries me. Does anyone have any thoughts about the program - reputation, teaching, strengths, schedule? How about stacking it up vs. Brown?


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Aug 1, 2004
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When I interviewed last year, I was left with a pretty favorable impression. It's a rather traditional program in a nice setting, with strong residents, and with largely hospitalist attendings (a plus in my mind, as anyone who has ever had a specialist or primary care attending take off at 11 am for their clinic never to be seen again until 9 am the next day can attest). I ended up ranking it 4th (above UW and below U Mich and NW) because I wasn't as impressed with Portland as a city as I was with Chicago and U Mich is simply a stronger program.


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May 20, 2004
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I loved OHSU and am ranking them highly. They had a beautiful hospital/campus and all of the residents/interns I met were nice and appeared to be as unstressed as internship can allow. I also thoroughly enjoyed morning report and was surprised by the number of residents that were able to attend. The outpatient rotations at kaiser and other facilities looked interesting as well. I really feel that this school has the perfect mixture of academics and community. When I was there we met some of the chiefs and I think 2/3 of them were pregnant!! I loved that it is acceptable to have children and be pregnant at OHSU. This was just my opinion of a one day visit, but I look forward to possibly training there!!:D
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