Orgo & Physics Schedule

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Feb 10, 2009
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I am wondering if taking Orgo 2 & Physics 1 during a spring semester that is only 2.5 months long is too heavy of a course load.

I did well in Orgo 1 last semester (4 months long), but thought the pace was fast.

I am leaning towards taking only Physics 1 during the 2.5 month Spring Semester. I would then take Orgo 2 & Physics 2 during the regular 4 month Fall Semester.

The only thing is that the spring Orgo 2 prof. is highly rated, while the fall prof. is yet to be announced.

Option 1:

Spring Semester (2.5 months) -- Orgo 2 & Physics 1
Fall Semester (4 months) -- Physics 2

Option 2:

Spring Semester (2.5 months) -- Physics 1
Fall Semester (4 months) -- Orgo 2 & Physics 2

Which option would you choose?

Thanks all.


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Oct 28, 2010
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Hello Esquire,

Are those the only classes you plan to take?
when do you plan to take the mcat?

i'm taking phy2 and ochem1 in the fall (normal length semester) and ochem2 in the spring just before the mcat. i fear the ochem series more than physics but then again i'm more mathematically inclined.

if by a 2.5 month spring semester you really mean summer right before this upcoming fall then maybe only take one class? it's hard to say because it's a very personal decision (how well you handle the load) and schedule dependant. for me, the summer classes are 4 days a week 9-3pm straight per class, so i'm inclined to only take one class at a time with those types of hours. but if it were say, half those hours over twice as long a period, i'd be more willing to take twice the load.