Ortho research question

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Hi guys,

I'll be likely doing research during this upcoming summer, and wanted to ask for Ortho specifically, what kind of research would be more helpful for somebody who wants to get involved clinically (i.e. I really want to operate and I consider valuable research one which directly improves patient outcomes)?

I'm currently looking at projects like studying AVN in mice/rat models, growth factor assisted bone growth in non-union etc. - more or less bench work.

I was told that working with residents will be pretty much only chart review. Since I have never done chart reviews, but had plenty of experience with the bench, I wanted to ask which is better to go for?

The other idea I had is getting involved in one of the lab ones for the summer, trying to hook up connections with the residents/attendings and doing one/several chart reviews sometime during the year. Is that crazy?

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Chart reviews are easy, quick, and usually great for us 3rd years who want to do a project really quick before the application season. I would say that the best project to get in on is a RCT that takes like 2-3 years to complete but will probably yield great data and a strong publish-able paper. Besides that your bench work paper seems perfect, especially if you can participate in it enough to be first author. Getting published is better than just doing a project so choose the project that seems more likely to get published. Face time with residents is important but you will get enough of it during your 3rd year rotations and your 4th year sub-Is. Don't chose a project solely because of resident or attending face time. Others may disagree but that is my .02.