1. E

    Regarding prospective application to top tier medical schools

    Hello everyone, I'm nearing the end of my undergrad journey as a Computer Science major with a cumulative GPA of 3.81. I'm also a double minor in Cybersecurity and Statistics. After graduation, I plan to continue with a master's in Computer Science, where I'm targeting a 4.0 GPA. Subsequently...
  2. M

    Application advice from a 6-year admissions consultant

    After working with 300+ students to develop and submit their applications, I watch students do the stupidest things (e.g. “I want to write a secondary about how I grew up rich and how I’m proud of it and don’t think I should hide it” – his exact words by the way). I also witness incredible...
  3. B

    super low GPA/high MCAT applicant. Soo lost and Unsure what to do?

    Hi guyss. Any feedback you could provide would be super helpful. So basically I have a 2.9 cGPA/2.5 sGPA (183 units). Yea not good ik but I was going through a lot mental health wise and did have an upward trend my last two years until my last quarter where i got straight c's :/. Anyways I took...
  4. S

    What classes should I take for a DIY post-bacc as a non-trad applicant who has already completed the prereqs and needs academic LORs?

    Sorry in advance for the length. Goal Cycle: 2025~2026 Demographics: F/27 (28 by the time I start applying next year), East Asian, Illinois resident Major: Biology BS (was originally interested in biomedical research), graduated 2019 Stats: cGPA 3.55, sGPA 3.28 Upward trend Freshman~Junior...
  5. D

    Is my gpa and mcat good enough?

    So I'm applying to osteopathic (DO) medical schools in this cycle and I'm still waiting to hear back. However, I was slightly concerned about my GPA and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about how good/bad this gpa is? So my overall gpa is 3.80, but my science gpa is 3.67 and...
  6. T

    Orthopedic/Sports Residency in Texas (Physical Therapy)

    This question is for those who are in a residency program for Orthopedics or Sports in the field of Physical Therpay OR those with experience applying for residencies: I'm finishing up my PT program in several months. I wanted to know if a GPA on the lower end would still be able to get into a...
  7. A

    Community College Grades vs. 4-Year University Grades

    I've been out of HS for a few years now, and the colleges I applied to said they want me to take 1 or 2 semesters at a different college and then apply again as a transfer to a 4-year undergrad university. So I'm doing 1 or 2 semesters at a community college 1st. I read on the forums here that...
  8. S

    Graduate courses (1-2 courses for graduate credit) to allay GPA concerns?

    I'm a college grad with a middling GPA (3.6 cGPA, 3.5 sGPA) and am applying next cycle. My old university's advisors (members of their premed committee) have suggested taking 1 or 2 upper level science courses at the graduate level to mitigate GPA concerns. On AMCAS, it'd also appear as a 4.0 on...
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  10. H

    Should I take 1 quarter or 2 quarters of biochemistry?

    My school (UG) offers a 1 quarter biochem course which isn't as hard as the 2 quarter series biochem. I'm not confident in my ability to get an A in the series offering. The thing is, some dental schools ask for just 4 credits (1 quarter), while some ask for "Half-year". I don't know if 1...
  11. N

    When to consider MA before PhD?

    Hello all, I'm back with a few questions. I'll try to make this a straightforward thread. First of all, at what GPA/lack of experience does one consider pursuing a masters on the road to getting a PhD rather than just taking gap years to focus on research? Next, do grad schools pay more...
  12. M

    Need advice…am I doing this right?

    Hello all! It’s safe to say that I’m at a bit of a crossroads right now, and looking for some solid guidance. I’m 28yrs old, and graduated with my bachelors about five years ago. Bombed my first year of undergrad, and when I say bomb, I mean flat out failed most courses that first year. Took a...
  13. B

    Upper division class shares same name as lower division class?

    Hey all, This might be a convoluted, but here goes. I'm enrolled in a post-bacc program right now and am taking a course titled "Cellular and Molecular Biology" that's 300-level. I was going over my old transcripts from the undergrad institution I graduated from and the intro-sequence Biology...
  14. T

    What would improve a low stat application?

    I have a 510 MCAT, 3.42 cGPA, and 3.47 sGPA. Should I retake the mcat or retake some science courses that I received B/C's in? Any advice would be great thank you
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  16. cruz3r

    Gots Cs in Orgo and Physics 1. What should I do?

    I ended up getting Cs in orgo 1, orgo 2, and physics 1. On the brighter side, I made an improvement by getting a B in physics 2. As of now, my gpa is around 3.68 (including college transfer credits from high school and also 2 Bs from microbio and a pharmacology class). BCPM is 3.51. I was...
  17. B

    Postbacc GPA vs Curriculum

    Hi everyone! I majored in biomedical engineering and got a 3.1 uGPA. I am going to do a SMP to make up for the low gpa. All else equal, do you think medical schools prefer a high gpa (3.9) at a very good grad school, or realistically a lower/average gpa (3.6) at a large program that uses a med...
  18. M

    sGPA >> nsGPA

    How should I approach my sGPA being much higher than my non-science GPA (engineering major)? My sGPA is ~3.9 while my cGPA is 3.78. I know schools care more about BCPM, so does it make sense to apply to schools where my cGPA is on the lower percentiles assuming that my high sGPA will be...
  19. C

    Chances of getting into DPT?

    I have recently had a bad semester. Out of my two semesters total, being exercise science and doing pre reqs for pt school. So far I have an A in A&P 1 and all biology classes and stats. But recently I have had a hard time being motivated and getting to my classes for my major. For my first two...
  20. W

    Should I pursue a Post Bacc?

    Hello, I am currently in my undergrad with plans of graduating this next Fall. It's looking like I am going to graduate with an oGPA of 2.9. I know I am capable of so much more but unfortunately went through a tough time during my undergrad with multiple difficult family times along the way. I...
  21. S

    How is DIY postbac GPA calculated/entered on applications?

    I figure if you were to do a SMP or some sort of "official" program, there would be a separate GPA and possibly a place to enter that GPA on applications (I could be wrong). But if I am just taking classes, would my "postbac" GPA be combined with my undergrad GPA for a cumulative, or would there...
  22. R

    improving gpa

    hi all, I want to improve my GPA for this next cycle. if I were to take community college classes in the sciences (bio, chem, physics), would that boost my BCP gpa if I were to transfer it over?
  23. cruz3r

    Is it possible to have a 3.9 gpa?

    I’m a sophomore and my cumulative gpa is 3.81 at 57 credits. Unfortunately, I had a lot of difficult classes this semester, one of them being a 5 credit course (ah physics!) which really sunk my gpa. My grading system is on a 4.0 scale and only does letter grades, like only As (=4.0)or Bs...
  24. A

    Reapplying and Worried

    I will be reapplying to dental school during the 2022 cycle. Unfortunately, due to personal issues, my GPA has dropped and I have received some less than satisfactory grades in Microbiology and a few other classes. I plan to retake but I am still so worried. My stats: GPA: 3.2 (3.6 last...
  25. J

    Should I go for post baccalaureate to raise GPA?

    Currently in CC, almost finished with final three courses, expecting final CC cGPA to be 3.4, liberal arts major, completed no medical school prereqs besides maybe English (which was my goal since I found that some medical schools look down upon prereqs taken at CCs). Starting at CUNY Hunter...
  26. T

    How to choose SMP program

    Hi Everyone! Couldnt find much information about this so I need some help!! Currently have a 2.8 cgpa with a not so good trend. I was able to get a 518 MCAT and have pretty good EC’s. Was looking into DIY post bacc but to be honest, can’t afford it. Was hoping for an SMP somewhere but do you...
  27. B

    Is transferring from community college to a pharmD program worth it?

    Hello, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, I just made this account. I am currently a senior in high school looking to become a psychiatric pharmacist. My high school grades weren't great and my current GPA is a 3.0. This was with AP and honors classes. I did not take the SAT either. My...
  28. teehee123

    What are my chances with my stats

    Hi,2 I am a Canadian student looking to apply to American dental schools. My GPA is 3.64 My GPA is 3.55 My DAT score: PAT:19 QR:18 RC:23 BIO:21 GC:20 OC:18 TS:20 AA:20 I still have to get shadowing experience butbecause of COVID, it has been very difficult to find. My ideal option would be to go...
  29. vsanc085

    WAMC c/o 2026 * need reply before 29th!

    Hi everyone! I am a first time, florida resident, traditional applicant. I have applied to Washington, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, and Cornell. My GPA is 3.33 but was calculated as a 3.2 on VMCAS. I have two repeated classes and two classes I dropped. There is a significant increase in my...
  30. J

    Is it possible to get accepted into physical therapy school?? How can I fix my undergraduate cumulative GPA after graduating college??

    I am about to be a junior this Fall and my GPA is currently 2.7. I was in college thinking a lot about my major and I was undecided with what I wanted to do but I recently decided that I was interested in PT school and becoming a physical therapist. My current major is actually undecided for now...
  31. G

    Is it Worth It?

    Hello, I am a sophomore pre-medical student and I was wondering whether if would be unrealistic for me to continue on this pre-med track. Freshman year, due to a general state of depression and indecisiveness regarding my career choice wrecked havoc on my grades, especially during the second...
  32. R

    GPA Enhancement??

    Not sure if I should do a post bacc or masters or neither for MD graduated from ucla, Molecular Bio major, applying 2022-2023 cGPA: 3.55 sGPA: 3.37 (AMCAS) CA resident big upward trend from junior to senior year ECs: 1200 clinical (400 unpaid, 800 paid) 2000 clinical research 80 humanities...
  33. M

    SMP / MD acceptances

    Hi, What are the chances of an MD school from a top SMP with a GPA of 3.5-3.6? For a non-traditional applicant without an undergrad major in biomedical sciences. I know higher is expected and in retrospect, I probably should have done a regular physiology master's since I did not have a very...
  34. J

    OAT in 1 week, Advice?

    My OAT is in 1 week. I’ve spent probably 4 months studying on top of working full time. Ive taken several practice exams and took the ADA practice exam today. I was hoping to score a LOT better and I’m very discouraged especially with my physics score. Bio/GenChem/Ochem/Physics/RC/QR KAPLAN 1...
  35. S

    Pre-Med Student: Is a 3.6-3.8 GPA still possible for me?

    Hey guys, I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. I am a college junior (undergrad). I am also a Pre-med/pre-health student. My current, overall GPA is a 3.57. I am expecting my semester GPA for the Spring 2021 semester to be a 3.11-3.3. Thus, this will lead to a drop in my cumulative GPA...
  36. X

    MD with bad undergrad gpa

    Hello all, I would like to get some advice on what I should do. Hopefully by people who have been in the same boat as I am and have made it!.. Ever since I was a child I knew helping others was something I had a really strong passion for. Though it wasn’t until I became hospitalized at 18 with...
  37. J

    BCPM Classification

    Hi all, I want to start off by saying BCPM classification is not easy to determine with many classes. I am looking to take some extra courses to boost my BCPM gpa before I apply next spring and I came across a course that I found looked interesting and I wanted to see if it might classify as...
  38. M

    Do dental schools emphasize BCPM GPA or Science GPA?

    My BCPM GPA is currently at a 3.1ish. However, I have taken multiple "other science" classes that I knew would be easy to do well in so my science GPA sits at a 3.3. Which do schools emphasize/look at? if my cGPA is a 3.4 and DAT is 25AA and 26TS, should I apply this cycle? Because I have so...
  39. F

    Needing Advice

    Hey everyone! This next semester I’ll be going into my senior year of undergrad. I just wanted to see what y’all thought of my current situation, as I am beginning to stress about the application process! I currently have a 3.3 GPA and if everything goes accordingly I should be able to get that...
  40. S

    Chances of getting into dental school

    Hi guys, I am just posting to see what I need to do to strengthen my Dental application for this May. I don’t have that many volunteer hours (about20-30) and i have only been able to shadow an oral surgeon for 55 hours. I also am on the table tennis team at my university and a TA. I have called...