1. uchiha_21

    Tips for a Undergrad

    Hey everyone! I just finished my Sophomore year at my undergrad college and am wondering if anyone can offer tips to help me prepare for Optometry School admissions. I don't have the best GPA, in my Freshman year, I've dealt with a lot of personal problems and thus I started with a GPA of 2.45...
  2. F

    Advice for student with several unofficial withdrawalss

    I’d like to start off by thanking the SDN and the network of people who give proper guidance to students like myself. Long story short, I come from a lower socioeconomic background where pursuing higher education isn’t a priority for many. Starting 2012 I attended three different universities in...
  3. k6mryn

    HELP: B+ Or S for grading period

    Good afternoon to everyone. To make a long story short I ended my spanish class with an 89.92% and my professor has made it extremely clear he won't round up my grade to a 90.0. I am currently a freshman and last semester my grades did not do well at all (literally had the worst grades ever in...
  4. rcollinb

    One year Masters before dental school question & advice!

    Hey folks! I hope all are well during the strange times. I just wanted to post my situation right now to see if any of y’all wouldn’t mind giving me some advice! I am just about to graduate and I did not gain a seat to dental school this cycle. It left me with a gap year to do something...
  5. Boomer7200

    I Messed Up..In Need of Help

    Hello everyone, I messed for the first three semesters of college. I have a 3.1 gpa through the first three semesters. I received a D+ in Orgo I as well. This semester I transferred and was able to get a 3.7-3.8 as I realized I needed to change. Next semester I am retaking Orgo I. I am just...
  6. J

    UC Davis for pre-med vs small liberal arts school?

    I am a biology major who is interested in pre-med and wants to go to medical school. I am choosing between a small liberal arts school (University of Puget Sound) and UC Davis for undergrad, and I do not know which one can best prepare me for medical school. In high school I had a very strong...
  7. B

    504 MCAT Helppp

    Hi thanks for viewing this post. ORM CA resident My stats: (DO only) cGPA: 3.3 - 3.4 sGPA: 3.4 - 3.5 MCAT: 126/124/127/127 = 504 (only attempt) *Important* = I’m non-traditional, when I restarted college I was at a 2.5 GPA with 60 or so units under my belt. Then I had a philosophical...
  8. D

    Applying to MD PhD with One Withdrawal

    I plan to apply for MD PhD programs my senior year (taking a Gap year). My two top schools are Emory and Stanford. I currently have a 4.0 GPA and I’m a junior. I’ve been doing research since the summer of freshman year, each semester. I also got into Mayo Clinic’s summer fellowship for this...
  9. F

    Really Messed Up and Need Some Advice!!

    Hi, I know there's probably tons of these stories out-there but it would be helpful if I got some advice. So long story short, when I was inn High School I wanted to be an anesthesiologist, that was my goal. However, I really got into app development and programming so when it came time to pick...
  10. L

    GPA Questions

    Hi everyone! I am currently a sophomore in undergrad and will not be applying to vet school until the fall of 2021, but I am looking for a bit of advice. I am feeling a little bit discouraged about my GPA right now, after last semester (first semester of sophomore year) I had a cumulative 3.71...
  11. K

    Nervous about the possibility of acceptance to California Schools..

    Hello, after studying for the OAT this summer and taking it, I plan on applying to SCCO, Western, and SUNY in September. I'm studying with the Kaplan OAT book and Chad's videos so I hope to do well/ above a 300. However, I have a UC (University of California) gpa of 3.1 and I believe my...
  12. G

    Rejected 2020 cycle, needing some advice

    Hi! I got rejected this application cycle, and it was my first time applying to PT school. I am hoping some of you could help me with a few questions. 1. In November, I got rejected from a school, both early and regular decision. Is it too late now to reach out to the school and ask why they...
  13. K

    MD What are my chances?

    I am a black male applicant, and am planning to study for the MCAT rigorously for 6 months. I have always been a good test taker and aiming for a 520+ on the MCAT. my GPA is a 3.5 and my sGPA is around a 3.1. I have 2 years of research experience. I have 100 hours of non-clinical...
  14. jstkeepswimming

    Reinvention Journey - looking for feedback!

    Hello all, So I'm currently working on reinventing my resume for medical school and am looking for advice on where to go from here. I have an idea of what I want to do but feedback is always appreciated and welcome. Due to my unfortunately bad grades in community college (and early undergrad at...
  15. Potinator

    Osteopathic vs allopathic

    Hello. I am a junior Bio Major planning to apply to medical school next year and taking most courses recommended for the MCAT such as bio, chem, sociology, biochem, Phys, psych...etc. I currently have a cumulative gpa of 3.57 and a science gpa of about 3.23 which I know is not very competitive...
  16. J

    Academic Probation

    Hello All, I am trending towards being on academic probation after my first semester all because of a bad anatomy grade. I’ll have high Bs and an A in my other 4 classes. My school puts that we were on academic probation on our official transcript. How will that affect me once I graduate in...
  17. A

    to take another gap year?

    Here's what I have so far: Undergrad Major: Health Education cGPA: 3.83 sGPA: 3.71 I have not taken the MCAT yet - I plan on taking in March 2020. My story - I went through most of college being pre-PA and switched a few weeks before I graduated. In undergrad, I completed all of the...
  18. P

    3.7/505 - kinda worried

    FYI I bolded the parts of my app that I think stand out the most (both good and bad) State: PA Background: ORM GPA Grid: 3.7 cGPA/ 3.6 sGPA (Upward Trend) MCAT: 505 (127/125/128/125) - was a retake (lol) - very disappointed, my practice FL average was 518 Research: Doing research on campus...
  19. S

    MD Confused junior with a 3.2 GPA

    Hi! I am a current junior and I realize that my grades during the first 2 years of college (especially sophomore year due to mental health problems) are so bad that I'm not sure what to do/whether they can be made up with mostly As/B+s, etc... so I'm seeking out suggestions/help/advice! I have...
  20. power818

    Does my GPA matter that much after I have my acceptance?

    I got my phone call today that I am accepted to UAB through early decision! I have a 4.0 GPA, and I am wondering how important everyone thinks it is to maintain that. I started a full-time night shift job this summer that I am still working, and I’m wondering if it begins to become a problem if...
  21. A

    Non traditional with low gpa - need advice on post bacc options

    Hey everyone! So I just graduated this May with a B.S in Computer Science from a state school. I've felt the calling towards medical school for as long as I can remember, however my parents pushed me to do CS. Right now I was able to land a job with a huge company as a software engineer with...
  22. Arv39

    How do I calculate my GPA?

    The plan is to finally apply to medical school next year but my gpa is all over the place as I was sick for a while and had drop down to part time. For example: 2015 Fall F A D B- (pre algebra) 2016 Spring A A C- (Algebra 1) A B+ C 2016 Summer Session 1 A A 2016 Summer session 2 A- 2016...
  23. M

    Help with studying habits? Chances for optometry school?

    My GPA keeps dropping! I’m scared to death. My GPA before I took Physics 2 & Organic Chemistry 2 was 3.34. I got C’s in both of those, then it dropped to a 3.31. Once I took Biochemistry, for a C in that, and got more B’s than C’s in my other classes that semester it dropped to a 3.28. I just...
  24. O

    Is my OAT/GPA Competitive/ What are my chances??

    Hi All: My Cumulative GPA is a 3.3, Science GPA is a 3.0. My OAT is a 300TS/310AA. RC: 330 GC: 300 OC: 290 Physics: 260 QR: 280 Bio: 400!!! I have 160+ hours of shadowing an optometrist, shadowed an ophthalmologist in the OR, Thousands of hours of volunteer experience as an EMT, and 120+ Hours...
  25. R


  26. S


    Hey guys! I recently graduated and have a 3.2 cgpa 3.1 science gpa, I was looking to take calculus and physiology at a cc and if I got an A in both those classes that could raise me to a 3.3 cgpa. I was pre-med in undergrad but due to my gpa and my personality I realized medical school wasn't...
  27. P

    low sGPA alright cGPA

    My sGPA is around a 3.37 but my cGPA is 3.77. I got a 520 on MCAT. What are my chances at MD school?
  28. jg2021

    What more can I do?

    I will be a junior this fall 2019 and i’m looking for ways to improve my application as this is sort of the final year I can do this unless I end up needing to take a gap year. I have a 3.5 gpa, which I know isn’t too good but I am on the track to a 3.6 by the end of semester 1 of junior year...
  29. Kobethegoat24

    Really need help with dental school list?

    My stats: GPA: 3.88 DAT: 21 AA, 21 TS, 18 PAT (unfortunately also 16 QR) URM Volunteering: about 54 hours Shadowing: about 52 hours Virginia resident After giving it a lot of thought I have decided to wait until July to...
  30. R

    URM, 520, downward trend, 3.6c, 3.5s

    Hi Posting for a friend applying 2020- AA male NYC 3.60 cumulative gpa 3.50 science gpa 520 MCAT STRONG research STRONG leadership GOOD letters of rec OK clinical & nonclinical experience Yearly Trend: 3.9 - 3.9 - 3.4 - 3.2 1. Would you recommend an additional semester to raise gpa to show at...
  31. D

    Chances/School List

    Hello SDN community! I’m a middle of the road applicant so will being complete in late August/early Sept decrease my chances in a major way? What schools should I look at? Any help is appreciated!
  32. Kobethegoat24

    What do you think of my plan? Which schools should I apply to?

    So I recently took my DAT in march and now I am doing my shadowing and volunteering. I needed advice on when to apply and also which schools to apply to. My profile: 1.) GPA: 3.88 2.) DAT: AA= 21, Bio 21, General Chemistry 20, Organic Chemistry 23, Perceptual Ability 18, Quantitative Reasoning...
  33. A

    Incoming Freshman - Pre-Med GPA at Duke

    Hi everyone, I am planning on attending Duke in the fall for my undergraduate degree. I have heard that Duke classes are incredibly difficult (but you do learn a ton academically from the rigor of the courses) and that the university is notorious for weeding out pre-meds due to grading on the...
  34. M


  35. N

    Post Bacc GPA

    Hi, I'm choosing between post- bacc master's programs and one program I'm looking at grades courses as Pass/Fail. Do you know the GPA is calculated from this type of grading scale? Thanks!
  36. L

    Advice for a freshman in undergrad?

    Hi everyone! I’m finishing up the second semester of my freshman year of undergraduate as a pre-veterinary major and it seems like it has flown by! Although I have gotten good grades and gotten involved in many extracurriculars this year, I am often left wondering if I am doing enough to stand...
  37. M

    Advice? Low GPA High DAT? #Anxiety

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to get some insight from those not at my university, because I just wish to see if there are any success stories out there? I struggled heavily with mental illness (I.E. depression and things of this nature) which caused my transition into/through out college rough...
  38. Boomer7200

    3.3 GPA Freshman year

    Hey guys, so most likely I'm going to end up with a 3.3-3.4 GPA for freshman year. I started off really bad with not really studying, and the second semester I stepped it up. I've taken Bio 1 and currently taking molecular genetics and have taken both gen chem 1 and 2. Calculus 1 and 2 I've...
  39. KeepingUpWithK

    Advice for those with low GPAs

    Hello all! So not trying to make anyone feel bad for me or anything but my years in college have been stressful. I had went from switching my major from Nursing to Biology (which was overwhelming and caused my GPA to drop) and posted questions on here previously to seek help throughout my...
  40. ElysiumHaven

    (2019) - TMDSAS and Cognitive Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Science GPA

    Hi, Has anyone had abnormal psychology or cognitive psychology successfully listed as counting towards their science GPA with TMDSAS? I just wanted to confirm and update with someone, since the threads on SDN that I found were from 2007 and may not be relevant to the current times as of the...