OTCAS Observation hours vs Activities, accomplishments section

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Feb 13, 2013
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Hi everyone,

If you volunteered in an OT setting, do you put those hours under observation hours section or the activities, accomplishments, and recognitions section on OTCAS? Or do you put it in both?


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When I called asking OTCAS about this, they made it sound like you either put it in one or the other but not both.
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I did both, because the OT that I volunteered for, was also my supervisor for my OT aide position, and also wrote me a LOR. It was both volunteering and observation, whereas I observed at other sites and therefore placed them in observation only.

I also contacted OTCAS, but the representative didn't seem to know.
I email OTCAS awhile ago (April) about this and this is their response:

"You can enter observation hours under both, but the schools will only see it in the OT Observation Hours section. If you want to enter under only one, enter under OT Observation Hours."

I'm not sure exactly what they meant by schools would only see it in that one place, but I did both. Better safe than sorry.