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Dec 2, 2007
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Ok, so now that the match is over (and hopefully it went well for everyone), what of the other programs on our ROL? Honestly, while I was lucky to get my top choice, I would have been quite happy at any of my top 8-9, and perhaps marginally happy from 10 downwards. While I did tell one and only one program that they were my #1 program, I did have quite a bit of interaction with several PDs after interview season back in early-mid February via email/phone. I would not mind entertaining the notion of being faculty at one of these other programs down the line. I'm hoping that by the time fellowship time rolls around in 2.5-3 years from now, these PDs will hopefully have either forgotten or at least think pleasantly about things? For those who are residents and attendings now, has this been your experience?

I tried to be as careful as possible in what I said and hope to god I didn't burn any bridges just because I didn't go in a program that I might want to work at later (I don't ascribe to the notion of doing med school, residency, fellowship, and faculty all at one institution). I just overthinking this?

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Dec 22, 2006
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I think you might be overthinking. Almost all the good applicants interview at the same programs. You're right to treat everyone fairly and respectfully, but no one is going to remember where you interviewed when you are looking at fellowships. These people do this every year, over and over and over. Often, the fellowship directors are not even in routine communication with the residency PDs.

I turned down residency interview invitations at places that recruited me for fellowship. Programs low on my ROL for residency offered me fellowship positions. They didn't care, or didn't even know. Don't sweat it.