Stupid post, but here it goes anyways: if you run out of time, how will you fill out your answers? Some people have preference to just put "A" for all the way down, some people put down "B" because their name is Brian or Brittany, etc, and some just put random answers in.

I'm the type of person that just puts in random answers (letters) in hopes of getting most of them right by luck. But then again, filling "A's" down the column has a higher probability that you will for sure get 1 or 2 right (fixed method) whereas the random way due to variability can either give you nothing or a whole bunch of correct answers. Essentially it is a gamble on which method to use.

What's your style?

-- hope no one has to resort to this. I am sure we will all finish in time --


I'm a luck dragon!
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If I have like only one minute left, I plan on racing through the remaining questions and answering based on my first guess. Hopefully, that won't happen, though. :)
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