Over 40 books for sale - used and new - for medical students preclinical and clinical years - M1, M2, M3

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Mar 8, 2015
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Couple of new M4s here looking to unload some of what we have accumulated so far. Many of these books are brand-new, we just never got around to using them. Some are more loved. All binding is in good shape. If you have specific questions about the amount of highlighting in a particular book please feel free to send a message. Very amenable to selling this stuff in lots. PLEASE PM with questions/interest. Pictures of everything attached below.

M1/M2 (Preclinical)
Robbins Review of Pathology Fourth edition (2 copies)
Rubin's Pathology (Q&A) Second Edition (1 copy)
Developing Human (Embryo) Ninth Edition (1 copy)
USMLE Step 1 Secrets in Color Fourth Edition (Brand New) Fourth Edition (2 copies)
Lange Medical Physiology (1 copy)
Moore Essential Clinical Anatomy Fifth Edition (1 copy)
Lange Pharmacology Twelfth Edition (1 copy)
High-Yield Embryo Fifth Edition (1 copy)
BRS Physiology Sixth Edition (1 copy)
Biochemistry - Denise Ferrier Sixth Edition (2 copies)
Pathophysiology of Disease Seventeenth Edition (1 copy)
Goljan Rapid Review Pathology Fourth Edition (1 copy)
Goljan Rapid Review Biochemistry Third Edition (1 copy)
Netter Flashcards Fourth Edition (3 sets)

M3 (Clinical)


Blueprints Seventh Edition (1 copy)
First Aid for OB/Gyn Fourth Edition (2 copies)
Case Files OB/Gyn Fifth edition (2 copies)

Pocketcard set (1 set)
Lange Q&A Seventh Edition (1 copy)
Case Files Pediatrics Fifth Edition (2 copies)
Pretest Pediatrics Fourteenth Edition (2 copies)
BRS Pediatrics First Edition (1 copy)
BRS Pediatrics Second Edition (1 copy)

Pretest Family Medicine Fourth Edition (2 copies)
Case Files Family Medicine Fourth Edition (2 copies)
Blueprints Family Medicine Fourth Edition (2 copies)

First Aid Psychiatry Fourth Edition (1 copy)
Lange Q&A Eleventh Edition (2 copies) - One of these has some writing

Pestana's Third Edition (1 copy)
Surgical Recall Eigth Edition (1 copy)

Internal Medicine
Case Files Fifth Edition (1 copy)

Pretest Neurology Seventeenth Edition (1 copy)

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Mar 8, 2015
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I considered going through and listing individual prices that are reasonably cheaper than whatever the amazon price is. We are motivated to sell this stuff and so any reasonable offer won't be refused. We are also very motivated to sell in "lots" or even the whole thing is a lot. We're not trying to high-ball this at all, just want to get some good resources out to folks and recoup a little bit of the investment along the way. I will go through the amazon listings and try to put some numbers on this stuff shortly but bottom line is that we want to be fair and super reasonable. Feel free to PM offers or questions.


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Apr 5, 2017
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Have you got a used copy of Pathoma textbook for sale or happen to know some one who has? There are many listings on Amazon but most of them are illegal prints and DVD's which I'm not interested in. I need a legit textbook only.