Overview of Penn State St. Joseph GPR, Reading, PA

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Nov 20, 2023
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Hi Everyone,

I’m a preceptor/attending at St. Joseph GPR in Reading, PA. I didn’t know about this program when I applied to GPRs a while back(seems like forever). I wanted to bring to your attention that our program offers an all around great experience.

# of Residents:
4 - tight knit program

# of Attendings:
5 - we are all pretty accessible and easy going, and experienced. Residents have our phone numbers and can contact us with ease.

Call Schedule:
4 residents, each takes one week call at a time. Very rare to have to go in, mostly call from home.

15 days for vacation, sickness, etc

Additional 5 days for CE, and up to 1k reimbursed

Guaranteed to place at least 2, but every resident in recent history has placed more. Restore even more implants.

-We have an Endo microscope as well
-Every resident gets his/her own assistant
-2 hygienists full time on staff, each resident gets a day where he/she will do all the exams for a given hygienist
-opportunity to work as independently as you like or in collaboration with your attending. One attending for 4 residents each day
-program overall is pretty laid back. Regular daily hours are 8-4, hour for lunch 12-1.
-Cost of Living is pretty low, and your 60k or so can go quite far. About an hour(maybe a little less) from Philly, so you can go there and have a good time with the money you save 😂
-in the past we were not fully staffed with attendings, now we are. My understanding is that many of the older attendings retired/quit during/post Covid.
-PM me if you want more information. We are still reviewing applications and I’m always happy to chat!

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