pakistani doctors in germany

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May 15, 2009
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i have done MBBS in pakistan nd have not yet done my i have to go to germany to join my family.can anyone guide me wt i will have to do there in order to do housejob as i cant speak german there any test which i will have to take?wt is da criteria fr pakistani doctors there?thanx

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Feb 24, 2009
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There is zero consideration made in this sector for non-German speaking individuals. You will also find yourself nearly completely unemployable without German skills, let alone the usual level of discrimination against non-Germans and/or darker-skinned individuals. There's already a large amount of discrimination and social problems that arise from the large number of Turkish and other immigrants not speaking German. You don't want to default to that area as the social problems related to it increase.

The only advice is to learn German, and get into some good schools, not the ones that are non-reputable businesses. We're talking Goethe Institut, university run programs, and/or Volkshochschule. The latter may or may not be intense enough. Goethe will provide you with internationally recognized certificates and separate standardized tests to certify your German.

Additionally, I noted your English writing skills need work too. While English is not really recognized here, should you have to write emails in English for jobs and other official stuff, the level of education in English for professionals tends to be quite good, and this will create a bad first impression.

Learn German, and you'll need at least 10-12 months to get anywhere with it, working at it roughly 10-12 hours a day including classtime. That's roughly what is required to get to C-level. Potential employers will likely want some sort of certifiable German certificate at an advanced level, such as Mittelstufe II or even C-level, which indicates that one is able to understand and use German independently.

German is not easy, and it's also something that can't be rushed.
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