Pakistanis please help


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Jun 28, 2002
    Hi everyone

    My husband is a physician in pakistan and will be coming to the states soon.
    I was wondering are there any job opportunities in the healthcare field for international medical graduates like him?
    and where do we start looking?
    I'd appreciate any help you guys could give me.



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    Dec 11, 2003
      Hi ,
      i am from India and i know from personal experience the struggle and hardships IMGs have in the US.
      If your husband is interested in practising in the US then he has to clear the USMLEs for licensure and residency.
      If he is seeking employment then there are ' LOCUM TENENS' jobs for physicians. has links to many placement agencies also for locum tenens jobs.
      If you and your husband are interested in returning to Pakistan then he can do some fellowships in the same field in which he is a specialist. These list of these unaccredited fellowships is available at Many people i know have made great careers in India through this way.
      Best of luck.
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