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Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by PaulB, Apr 12, 1999.

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    Nov 16, 1998
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    Has anyone had any experience (positive or negative)with Palm Pilot organizers? Is there any software that is useful for medical students?

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    I have had ZERO experience with palm pilots or there bretheren...but any sort of organizer can't be anything but helpful. Although, I would prob spend the $$ on a good laptop with an organizer/date management program in it in lieu of a palmtop thingy.

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  3. justwannabadoc

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    Jan 28, 1999
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    It depends on for what and when you are going to use it. The only time I think one would come of use would be during rotations. I guess you could put pharm stuff in there. They can't hold enough stuff for your preclinical years though. If your notes are computerized like at KCOM, then a laptop is definately the way to go since you can have it in fromt of you during class. If you don't need to have that computer with you, get a desktop and save yourself a lot of money on a much better system. I just bought a PDA, though not for purposes of med school. If you plan on getting one, get one with lots of memory. Mine is great b/c it has 8MB, runs on Windows CE (so you can put a map program into it which is really convenient if you're traveling), and lets you record dictation too. Pilot is a great brand but not much memory. Also expensive. I got an Everex which will come out to $179 after rebate and not including a free 8MB memory card (giving me a total of 16MB).

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