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It's a boy !!!
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Apr 25, 2001
  1. Optometrist
Yeah, I saw that on ER.. I got all excited and now my friends think I'm even weirder. They just don't get it. ;) Gadgets are cool :cool: I did think the panoptic was cool, but I thought and they offered our class a great package deal when we ordered our DO's, but I just thought the Heine direct was a better instrument. I can always buy a panoptic head for my Heine later on when I have actual money. :)

I also really liked the Heine BIO, which being significantly more expensive becomes much cheaper when you buy the package deal with their direct (you get like 200 off your BIO if you buy their direct too) It was a tough choice between new gadget (which they won't let us use in clinic yet) and what I thought was the more quality instrument. I actually heard our direct packages came in recently and they'll be giving them to us before we leave for Christmas.

Well, off to my anatomy lab final. AHHHHHHHH! :eek: If it's anything like the optics lab final .. we're in TROOOUUUUUBBBLLLEEE!


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15+ Year Member
Nov 26, 2001
Hi all,

I've just discovered this board, and am thankful that there's still some good opt discussions going on ... now the futureoptometrist is kind of dead.

Abs1, I've had many opportunities to try the panoptic. Topcon Canada has equipped a half dozen lanes in our preclinic with the panoptic. I say that it really doesn't appear to give 5x the view of a direct, but it's a fun toy. It definitely will not replace the direct, or a good fundus lens (I like the 78D). They're funning a special here $575 CAD for the panoptic head.

Cpw ... finally someone else that love Heine. Granted their BIO is "the standard", but not many of my classmates elected to get their diagnostic sets from them. Most of them got the Welysh Allen (sp?) .... or what I like to call the "Fisher Price" set ... te he.

On another note, I've been trying to decide on a good auxilliary lens. I have the Superfield, but I find that there's not enough mag. I absolutely love the 78D for evaluating the ONH and macuala, but I'm not quite sure how it will compare to a 60D or Super66 .... which I'll be sure to try next term.

Anyhow, good luck with finals everyone!
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