Feb 17, 2010
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I'm applying this coming cycle. I'm one class short of finishing my bachelors in Business Ad. Have Orgo III and Introductory Bio III left of the required courses to take. Taking Kaplan class to prepare for DAT. Have a dilemma and would like to hear your opinion please? :confused:

Should I take the Orgo III, Bio III and Anat & physiology II (last of the series) in spring, apply in June but take the DAT in late July? This will show a full load (17 sic credits) on my transcript spring quarter and gives me more time to study for the DAT but my application won't be complete until mid to late Aug.. If I don't do as well on the DAT the first time I will have to wait until Nov to take it again???


Should I take just Orgo III and Bio III spring quarter (only 11 credits), take the DAT in May, and apply in June? This will have my application complete early and gives me a chance to retake the DAT in Aug just in case I don't do so well the first time. Does this look bad to dental schools? In this case I will be taking the Anat & pysiolgy course in summer.

Which will make my app look better?
Mar 12, 2010
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I believe many will tell you to take it early. I think this is different per student. I took it in July. I did very well, but I did horrible in QR. I had to retake (in October). I ended up getting into every school that I applied to. BUT, I still recommend being early if you have lower stats. I have a high GPA, high DAT. So, a lower GPA a little later could be a lot worse. August isn't too late in my opinion. I still felt early. Best thing to do is call up the dental schools.
May 12, 2009
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I would go with applying early. But as the last poster stated, it really depends on your gpa and other parts of your application. Either way, I think that applying early carries more weight then having a full work load during that one semester. Good luck.
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