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Pass/Fail and Competitiveness

Jun 11, 2010
Somewhere west of St. Louis
  1. Non-Student
Hey friends. Incoming OMS1 and just was thinking about something that left me curious. With many schools becoming P/F, and now that Step 1 is P/F as well, what is left to do to make one competitive for certain specialties? Originally, I was thinking that clinical grades may have been a place to distinguish myself, the school I am going to is transition to P/F.

I'm sure doing research in a specific field may help, but can't think of much else.
PDs don't care about your grades. Read this to see what they do like:


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Oct 16, 2018
In lieu of Step 1, the metric is now Step 2 CK
Then according to @Goro's document it seems the important parts of your app are your personal statement, social skills/emotional intelligence, LoR. At least for the family medicine section...which is what I'm gunning for ;)

Thats interesting though, because things like social skills don't come into play until interview time. But I guess Step 2 CK is the main barrier to gain an interview then.
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