Pass/Fail Course Grading

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Aug 11, 2003
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I was wondering if anyone knew how AACOMAS calculates pass/fail courses in terms of GPA. Some of the courses I had to take during undergrad (freshmen seminars, etc.) - were required and were pass/fail grading only. Can someone help?

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I attended a college where most classes had written evaluations and were listed as Pass/Fail on transcripts. In my case classes that I passed did not affect GPA calculations. However, I did take a 1/2 credit Weightlifting class & didn't spend enough time in the gym. Got a no-credit for that one and it DID affect my GPA, they calculated it as a fail. So the credit/no credit thing can't really help you, but it can hurt you. Hope this info helps you out.
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I was told that most schools require a written report of the students effort, strengths, etc, from any course proffessor(when pass fail is the grading style):eek:
That's what I read as well, but it doesn't seem to be the case. If they want a 500 word personal statement they certainly aren't going to read through 100+ pages of evaluations from all of my pass/fail coursework. My AACOMAS application went through fine without any supplemental evaluations. This might not hold true for some of the secondaries though.