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Dec 5, 2007
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What does this mean for CP? better reimbursements? more respect and recognition for pathologists?

What are some examples of the consultations that they are speaking of?

From the CAP STAT line

Demo Project for Pathologist-Initiated Consultations Championed in Congress</EM>

The role of pathologists in improving the delivery of quality care while reducing costs should be evaluated through a Medicare demonstration project as part of any health care reform proposal, according to sixteen members of Congress who voiced their support for the measure in a recent letter to colleagues.
Specifically, the U.S. House members called for a legislatively-mandated demonstration project that would evaluate improvements resulting from pathologist-initiated consultations with clinicians on diagnostic testing and therapy management, a critical function of pathologists in proposed coordinated-care models.
“A demonstration project evaluating the role of pathologists in coordinated care models would take the important consultations we already perform informally and recognize their importance in the patient care process,” said Jeffrey Kant, MD, PhD, FCAP, a member of the CAP Economic Affairs Committee and Molecular Pathology Working Group. “The recognition of this by these members of Congress is an important first step in assuring that our critical role is valued and integrated within proposed patient care models.”
In the letter, sent to the chairmen and ranking members of the House Committees on Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce, the legislators state that in order to ensure genetic tests and others are used effectively it’s important to consider how to provide for better coordination of diagnostic testing—and unfortunately, current Medicare policy does not address this need.
Demonstration projects assess and measure the effect of potential program changes such as a refined role for pathology in health care reform proposals, and study the impact of this new model of health care delivery on cost and quality.
While the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has conducted demonstration projects for a wide range of issues from the medical home model and electronic health records to adult day care and community nursing, however, no such evaluation has been performed yet to evaluate the potential role of pathologists.
“Some of us have had the opportunity to tour a laboratory in our district...It’s evident that pathology impacts virtually every part of medicine, from primary care and specialists, to surgery, preventative care, chronic disease, cancer treatment and public health,” reads the letter from members of Congress to colleagues. “A demonstration project to promote collaborative and coordinated diagnostic testing would shed light on this increasingly complex and vital part of our health care system.”
The College applauds the House members who are leading the call for this opportunity to evaluate pathologists’ role in improved models of care, and will continue to work with legislators to include an amendment in any health care reform proposal mandating CMS to conduct such a demonstration project.
To view the letter of support from the members of Congress, go to the CAP Advocacy website under Letters to Policymakers and visit the CAP website to view a listing of the members who signed the letter.