Pathology in First Aid

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Dec 13, 2006
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I have read several places on here that the Pathology in First Aid is essentially "not good/not complete". What I want is a little clarification on this.

After having begun my review (using FA and RR path), I have found that the Pathology that is in FA is for the most part complete. I have found that there are diseases that are left out, but what is there is ok. What do others think about this? I have basically been doing FA, and then going back and marking out/cross checking with RR..adding when appropriate (either a detail or two, and then adding the disease processes not covered in FA).

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good plan. FA path is fine. It even goes overboard in a few cases(all the vasculitis stuff in the MS section).
or you could just completely ignore path, i've heard this is an "interesting strategy" that some people use

you could, but Im sure your score would be lower. If you want to make a 245+(as many here do) you better review path.

Also, I'm sure he didn't miss every path question. He did take a whole year of it this past year. Im sure he remembered some of it without having to study it.
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I'm doing a pretty intensive Path review. I hope it pays off.

In that case I would recommend learning pathology beyond the scope of FA, especially basic pathology. I would learn details of common diseases that are in BRS or RR Path, even if they're not in FA.

In fact, I would ignore FA. In my opinion any piece of information that's in it but not in BRS/RR is not worth knowing.
Yeah I've quit using FA path. I was cross referencing the two but now I'm just using RR path.

For instance the last two days I did Cardiovascular review. I did FA first, then I went to RR path and did the Vascular and Heart Chapters.

I find FA path to not be organized very logically, which makes it harder to memorize. I like the outline format of RR path. And since I learned path pretty good the past two years. I am able to make more efficient use of his outline format.