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Nov 17, 2011
That was the original study.

Here is the reanalysis:

And here is a commentary on the recalcitrance of the original authors, corporations, and universities involved in the lying involved in the first study:

Remember that this is not new. This is the FDA rolling over and playing dead over and over again.

I just wrote to the FDA about the US not having several WHO Essential Medicines available. Their response: We can't do anything. All we can do is approve unsafe, ineffective female sex hypoactive sex disorder drugs, even though only a century ago prevailing doctors thought women being interested in sex was a medical disorder. We're not in the business of making sure the US has the most basic drugs that even a developing country should have.

OK, they didn't say anything past the "We can't do anything" part, but the rest was implied by the headlines on their web page that day.

That's the FDA. Feckless. F**king Feckless.

I'm going to call it the FFDNMFDA. The F**king Feckless Does Not Monitor Food and Drug Administration.


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Sep 26, 2009
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