pay tuition for honors thesis, or save the money for relocation?


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Aug 25, 2013
I will start my last semester of undergrad soon. I am very fortunate to have gotten offers from my top choices, so at this point stuff is mostly for my personal fulfillment.

My situation is that I have planned to use my ongoing research project for our senior honors thesis, therefore qualifying for honors at graduation. However, I have more than enough credits to graduate without the thesis, and the tuition money that I can save (~3.5k) by not taking the thesis class and underloading would be nice for when I have to relocate this summer.

Regardless of whether or not I do the thesis, the research will still be done, probably with a pub coming out. It's only a matter of formality and honors designation at graduation. So my question is: is it worth it? Will it matter when I apply for residencies , fellowships, etc. in the future?

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Aug 13, 2008
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Nevermind, I just realized that you are staying in college and just not taking the one extra course. For some reason when I originally read it I thought you were going to graduate early.

Not worth it.
May 5, 2011
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If you already got offers accept and be done with it. Nobody cares about honors feces theses 8 years down the road, or if you were "honors" at undergraduation when you're applying for residency. Especially if you're going to get a pub out of it.