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May 6, 2008
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Hi guys,

Reading Comprehension seems to be the weakness area on the PCAT for me. I tend to take quite a long time trying to find the answers the to questions. I only finished half of the reading comprehension.

Is there any tricks in how to do well in this part?I really need to improve the reading comprehension to improve my PCAT score. Do u guys read through the whole paragraph or read the question first or the paragraph first, etc...?


there are different ways people approach the reading section. i guess i don't understand the concept of what i read, because i did poorly in this section as well. i would say you need to practice your reading speed, and comprehension of what you just read. it should help you finish the section on time. look at the practice sections in PCAT books, there are tons of them!!! you just need the time to study for them (that was my problem too)! :) good luck...
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