Sep 7, 2017
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Hey guys,

I took the PCAT today for the second time and was looking to get some input on the scores and what my chances are getting in with this score.

1st Try: July 2017
Biology: Scaled Score: 430 : Percentile Rank:85
Chemical Processes: Scaled Score: 422 : Percentile: 76
Critical Reading: Scaled Score: 381 : Percentile: 24
Quantitative Reasoning: Scaled Score: 390 : Percentile Rank: 29
Composite: Scaled Score: 406 : Percentile Rank: 56

2nd Try: September 2017
Biology: Scaled Score: 421 : Percentile Rank:73
Chemical Processes: Scaled Score: 416 : Percentile: 67
Critical Reading: Scaled Score: 409 : Percentile: 74
Quantitative Reasoning: Scaled Score: 404 : Percentile Rank: 57
Composite: Scaled Score: 413 : Percentile Rank: 70

My GPA is around a 3.1.

This is what I used to study for both times:
Biology - Cliff Notes, Dr. Collins, Pearson Practice Test, DAT Destroyer
Chemistry/Organic Chemistry: DAT Destroyer, Dr. Collins, Princeton MCAT, Chad Videos, Pearson Practice Test
Quantitative: Dr. Collins, MATH Destroyer, Pearson Practice Test

NOTE: I only used Pearson when studying for the send time.
What do you think my chances are with this score?
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Sep 20, 2017
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  1. Pharmacy Student
Hi Bromama, it is possible for you to get into a Pharmacy school with those scores. But you do need to be aware of the typical stats of students that enter the schools that you are hoping to apply to.


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Apr 29, 2014
Hi Bromama! So a few things really jumped out at me with your second score. First of all, you made huge improvements on Critical Reading and Quantitative Reasoning, so I'm guessing you put a lot of work into those areas - and it paid off! Also, your Composite Score is quite strong. You scored better than 70% of all people who studied for and took the PCAT - and that's a pretty smart bunch.

Pharmacy admission committees are especially going to be looking for strong science and math scores, which you have. And some schools consider your "Superscore," or all your best section scores combined, so you would need to check with each school. At the end of the day, what is considered a "good" or "competitive" PCAT score is somewhat subjective, so I recommend researching the average PCAT scores of matriculants at the schools where you intend to apply to see where your score fits in.

If your PCAT score is a bit lower than the average PCAT scores at your top choices for pharmacy school, then you might think about what your goals would be if you retook the PCAT and what you'd do differently to get your "dream" PCAT score. But the improvements you've made so far are really impressive, and I think pharmacy schools will think so, too!
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