Jun 26, 2020
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Can someone offer some advice, please? which is one is more expensive as an out of state? PCOM or MSUCOM? I understand that PCOM is private and MSUCOM has a ridiculous OOS tuition. My question is do I only pay OOS tuition at MSUCOM for the first year and then in-state tuition? Also I would appreciate any recommendations if you had to choose to attend one, please. Thank you.


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Nov 2, 2016
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each state has different requirements for residency so I can only speak generally when you are a student you can not become a resident of the state. most public schools take your residency from the first day of the first year as your residency for all 4 years. So with that I would consider PCOM both are really good DO schools
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May 8, 2019
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I do not know much about MUSCOM, but I applied to PCOM-PA therefore I will advocate for it for the reasons I applied there.
1. Location: PCOM is in Philadelphia, a city with a diverse population, public transit, and other institutions for research and possible away rotation.

2. School/Establishment: PCOM is one of the known DO schools with a good residency match list. Thus, making it my #1 DO school and Rowan U SOM my #2.

3. Their facility looks pretty new and cozy at the same time.

4. PCOM-PA tuition is below $58,000 which I think is fair, but in comparison to MSUCOM, I do not know,.

The one thing that drew me back about PCOM was the letter grading system for pre-clinicals.

My vote is with PCOM-PA.
However things to consider are:
-distance from home + support system
-enviroment: city vs rural
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