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pcom vs unecom

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by johndean11229, Nov 25, 2001.

  1. johndean11229

    johndean11229 Member

    Apr 22, 2001
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    ok here we go again, i m not asking to start a war of any sort, just wondering if anyone is thinking about these 2 schools, which do you think you ll choose and why? i m wondering about the rotations at une...any thoughts on those too?
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  3. maddogdo

    maddogdo Junior Member

    Jun 20, 2001
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    Whats up man! This is maddogdo, we met at UNECOM. I was the one that had interviewed at PCOM and you were asking questions. Hey, did you get in to PCOM too? I thought you were hooked on NOVA. I am trying to make the same decision about PCOM,UNE, and NOVA. I would be curious to hear what people have to say about PCOM and UNE. Take care man. Did that guy and his girlfriend ever come back to pick you up at UNECOM?
  4. PhillyGirl

    PhillyGirl Member

    Nov 28, 2000
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    Maddogdo and Johndean,

    I was in your shoes last year at this time. I am now a first year at PCOM and love it. Here are a couple things that helped me make my decision...

    1) Are you interested in a DO/MBA (or MPH) program?? If so, UNE is out b/c they don't have either. (I wanted to have this option)

    2) Weather. Obviously, Nova is hot, UNE is cold, and PCOM is in the middle. I spoke to a doctor who went to school out in the midwest and told me that the worst thing was when he had to wake up at 3am to get to the hospital and his car was covered in snow. Just a thought.
    (I also spoke to a third year from Nova who said that he actually studies on the beach, which is sweet, but I don't think that I could personally concentrate with the warm beach only a few minutes away)

    3)I know some much older PCOM alumns that are actually acquaintances with the founders of Nova and know a lot about both Nova and PCOM. They wouldn't tell me while I was trying to decide, but after I sent in my deposit, they told me that I made the right choice. Here's why --> ROTATIONS!!! Face it, you have the most options at PCOM. It has the biggest Alumni network of the three and it has a multitude of already established rotations. Nova has a lot of great rotations, but it is newer and has a smaller network of alumns (which I think is key to future endeavors, including residencies).

    4) Just to give UNE a good word, their OMM dept is amazing, just look at their facilities. But, OMM is what you make of it. If you want to learn it, wherever you are, you will. I also was friends with a student at UNE and she loved it. It was a very friendly and supportive atmosphere. It was just too far from the city for me (I love living in a city).

    Ok, so I have given you quite a lopsided view, but honestly, I didn't know if I had made the right choice until classes started and I realized what a great education I was going to receive. Yes, every school has its flaws and you have to decide which ones you are able to deal with.

    I don't know where either of you are from, but there are people from all over at PCOM. Yes, most people are from somewhere in PA, but there are a handful of other states represented here. Oh, and I love the large class size b/c there are always people around to study and relax with.

    So, I hope that what I have said helps a little. Follow your gut because no one else can make this decision for you, but I guarantee whatever you decide will be right for you.

    Good Luck!!

  5. PalCareGrl

    PalCareGrl Senior Member

    Mar 5, 2001
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    Fellow [Any Field]
    Hi Kiddo,
    Sorry that I can't help you since I didn't go to PCOM.... but UNE was okay, but from what other people have said, PCOM has better rotations. I think you should go with your gut! :) Best wishes, me

    p.s. good to see you around again. :D
  6. HOSS

    HOSS Member

    Jul 24, 2001
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    Im going to PCOM over UNECOM unless I get into MD. I was much more impressed with the bigger school.
  7. Crazed

    Crazed Member

    Dec 2, 2001
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    I have 4 questions for the person attending PCOM;
    1. How is the living situation, i.e. are there apartment bldgs, dorms, etc. and prices?
    2. Is the student body competitive, or is everyone friendly?
    3. I'm just sending out my secondary - am I late?
    4. Do I have a decent shot of getting in with a 3.4 and a 24, plus plenty of experience?

    Sorry to bug you, but you wrote so much great stuff, I thought you could help me. thanks!

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