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May 24, 2020
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Thank you guys for reading, I was hoping for feedback from you guys on something. I am a pre-med student and I am trying to plan for my major and classes for it, and I also just really want a better idea of what I would want to pursue. One thing I have always known, is that I want to work with children. Always have. I was thinking about being a general Pediatrician, but I recently discovered the field of Pediatric Neurology. My favorite system to learn about has always been the nervous system, and a family member of mine has autism, so I'm more interested now. Also want to be a specialist in something. I was wondering if you could provide some insight on what the lifestyle and work environment is like for them. Two things that are very important to me are 1) I want a family and 2) I want to establish a connection with my patients and care for them directly. Do Pediatric Neurologists have a lot of one-on-one time to care for their patients? I just really want to connect with them. Just wondering how that works. And of course, was hoping for insight in general.
Anyway, if you can, please let me know what you think about this, and of course if there's anything else to know, I'd appreciate that too.

Thank you!
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