Pediatric Pathology

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Jan 18, 2007
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Are you pretty much limited to Children's hospitals if you do a fellowship if Pediatric Pathology even you've completed an AP/CP residency?

Is Peds needed in the private practice setting?

Any idea of what the salary is in children's hospitals?


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You are not exclusively limited to children's hospitals. Large academic centers also need pediatric pathologists but you would have to have bring something else to the table (research, another area of sign-out, etc...). A large private practice group probably could use pediatric pathologists too, but again you would likely need to have another fellowship.

But if you really love peds and only want to see peds then you have to go to a children's hospital.
I don't know if you'd necessarily need another fellowship to do private practice, sometimes just an interest or experience in the field would suffice.

But agreed most of the jobs would be academic or semi-academic. The majority of pediatric specimens are kind of basic and can be signed out by anyone with a little bit of training. Many pediatric path also are perinatal path trained too, so they do lots of placentas, pediatric autopsies, etc.
may literally be the single most worthless fellowship in path, and given some of the real winners (ie-"Chemical Pathology" LOL) the ABP has this is actually saying alot.

Anyone competently trained in AP and surg path should not need a specific ped path experience.