Penn interview before or after Dec 1?


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Oct 28, 2007
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    I am interviewing at Penn and have the option to do it in late Nov or the first week if Dec - do you think it is important to get in before Dec 1st? Any advice would be great!!
    - and I asked the office person what she thought from her experience, but she had only been there a year and had no clue...I am leaning towards after the Dec 1st date only because I have finals the Nov week - but if people think that it is better to go before I would def. consider it!



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    Sep 2, 2007
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      i was in a similar predicament as u. i got an invite mid october and wen i called, they had spots for mid november n then december. i chose the mid november, nov16 to be precise coz i thot i may jus squeeze in for Dec1 consideration. but u neva know. follow ur instincts. thats wat i did. i hav exams the same time as the interview but i jus thot that this is wat i needed to do....


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      Oct 1, 2007
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        Of course it is hard for anyone other than the adcoms to say for sure, but I think if you think you will be better prepared and on top of your "game" then I would do the latter date. It is very unlikely they fill the class before the 1st. But then again I found my experience at UPenn to be pretty chill, so I guess it is just personal preference.
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