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May 12, 2004
I got this email from michigan admissions regarding my upcoming interview (which i cancelled). I thought ppl waiting on a michigan interview might want to know this. i dont know if this has been posted elsewhere. sorry if it has.

"Greetings from Ann Arbor. We are delighted you have scheduled an
interview at Michigan. We continue to have an active admission
process and are eager to meet you on campus. As we have allocated all our
interview positions your consideration is requested. In the rare
instance that you are going to withdraw your application or for any
other reason not attend your scheduled interview please notify us as
quickly as possible. This will allow us to accommodate another
applicant from our long list of candidates whom we would like to
interview. We appreciate you keeping Michigan in mind and look
forward to meeting you on campus. Best wishes, RFR

Robert F. Ruiz
Director of Admissions
University of Michigan Medical School