Personal Statement Readers 2013 Cycle

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Mt Kilimanjaro

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Jan 23, 2013
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I have a draft that I would love for some people to look over.

I want to get essays written early because I will be traveling quite a bit during the late spring/summer and want to knock out primaries and secondaries early.

Thank you.

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I'll critique personal statements people PM to me. :)

I'm pretty brutal though.
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I will read and comment on a personal statement. I cannot guarantee a 48-hour turnaround (M-Th are fairly hellacious) but we're not in crunch time yet, anyway.
I can look some over as well. I have little mercy also....PS was very highly complimented on the interview trail.
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i'm down. google docs works well too for collab editing
There's a Personal Statement Readers list up somewhere. PM me a draft if you like.
I'm available to read as well. School starts in July though, so any time before then is fine.
I'm also available to read--send me a PM if you'd like
Thanks for all of the offers - much appreciated. I got some great feedback from the bear astronaut that has challenged me to dump what I have and write something more convincing. So I'll spend a few weeks doing that and hit ya'll back up.
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